7 thoughts on “Pic of the Day”

  1. I think I might have (still?) this sitting in a basement in boxes somewhere. So buying the reissue probably wouldn't do much. I also remember owning the Voltron robot made up of all those vehicles. I actually liked that one better than the original lion version. It was a smaller figure though that didn't split apart. Man I should try and hunt down one that actually splits up, if it exists.

  2. Michael, the bigger vehicle voltron deffinently exists. I have owned one, not as good as the lions. Not as articulated. It is a fun toy, nearly all 15 vehicles have pull back motors, firing fists etc. It can be got quite cheap on ebay, I sold my incomplete one a few months back for £10, although it was missing a couple of pieces, its easy enough to get the pieces.

  3. Never had one of those as a kid, so I'm quite jealous of all those that did.

    I'm quite happy with the plastic Toynami version though, as I think it's the most balanced version so far. I actually don't think the technology exists yet to build a perfect, poseable, durable, affordable version of this guy.

  4. I do not think Toynami did to bad. The plastic version still looks really nice, compared to the masterpiece.

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