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ask_skelGreetings, it is I, Skeletor, Overlord of Evil!

OK, I seem to have this thing worked out. Tri-Klops got me this new laptop and I’m still getting used to it.

Anyway, I’ve perused your questions, and while some of them–OK, honestly, most of them–don’t warrant acknowledgment as an expression of cognitive thought, much less a reply, I am contractually bound to answer at least some of them.

Mark writes: I have decided to sell about 75% of my collection of Transformers, G.I. Joe etc etc. My reason for doing this is that I think it has taken over me instead of it being a hobby and has prevented me from concentrating on my art and my music and meeting people. Do you think this is the best thing to do?

I would say yes, if collecting has ceased to make you happy. However, rather than selling them right away, I would put them in storage for a while–say, a year, maybe more–and see if you miss them.

See, about five years ago I decided to get rid of all the power gems I had cluttering up my study. I doled them out to local warlords in exchange for their loyalty. But wouldn’t you know it, a couple years later I ended up needing them for a new scheme against He-Man, and I had to slaughter most of the warlords and their tribes when they refused to return them willingly. It was such a headache!

Scott writes: What is the chance one day we will see Mumm-Ra beat the crap out of you?

Bah! Last time I saw Mumma-Ra, he was hawking Spare Change newspapers in Union Square. He can call me when he gets an action figure that was made less than twenty years ago…I’m on what, my fifth or sixth now?

Griffin writes: I am tragically short on space for my collection in my designated collection area, but if I spend money on a new shelving unit I can afford less action figures. So should I get a new shelving unit or the Masterpiece Grimlock?

Get Masterpiece Grimlock. MP Grimlock will eventually sell out, and then aftermarket prices will shoot sky-high. The shelving unit can wait for a tax refund or something.

Jim writes: oh. Skeletor!!!!! Can u pass on the suggestions to Poe for his Matty collector questions?


Mark M writes: What kind of training do you do? Obviously you have to stay in great shape to keep going up against the most powerful man in the universe.

Didn’t I already answer a question from a Mark? How many Marks are there among you humans? As for my workout routine, on Monday I do arms and shoulders, on Wednesday I do calves and lats, and on Friday, I do abs and legs, but not calves. As you recall, I do those, with my lats, on Wednesday.

Googum writes: Skeletor, have you considering restructuring your organization? I mean, I know you don’t want too many competent lackeys or they’ll overthrow you (like Evil-Lyn) but you gotta do better than Beast Man if you’re ever gonna take over Eternia. Maybe outsourcing? What evil minions would you hire away from other toy lines, I mean, evil groups?

This is a question I’ve toyed (ha!) with many times. I’ve been in touch with the Legion of Doom at various times, but as soon as you start talking seriously with those guys the agents and lawyers come in and you just say forget it. All of Megatron’s flunkeys still get work, so what am I left with? Skumm and Nukem? Yess-man and Mo-Lec-U-Lar? Please.

Dark Angel writes: Tell the truth, Skelly: The whole “getting into Greyskull” thing was just your Freudian way of trying to get into He-Man’s furry speedo, am I right? Huh? Kinda like when a grade school boy pulls a girl’s pigtails?

No, it was my way of SHUT THE HELL UP.

Frowny McBeard writes: Speaking of which, who makes the furry underwear with belt combos on Eternia, and just how rich is that guy?

Oh yeah, Tail-Or. He hit it big when he bred a new species of owlbear with lice-resistant fur. Problem is, the stuff is only available as underwear. He says it has to do with the way the hair has to be sewn together, but I think he just gets off on the whole thing.

Skeletor is the Evil Lord of Destruction and would-be conqueror of Eternia. Currently he resides in Snake Mountain with his henchmen and cat, Panthor. He loves black magic, death, and jafari stew.

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  • Hi Skeletor. Thanks for the advice. To be honest I am keeping a good few of my Transformers etc….I am taking a break as I just want to focus on just the MOTU Classics as they make me very happy and are excellent.

  • Oooooh! Methinks the lady doth protest too much!

    Also, "Tail-Or" – INSTANT CLASSIC. Can we get somebody to work on a custom figure, stat?

  • Don't look at me. Skeletor does what he wants 😉 I've had other guest writers on the site. I never said I was Skeletor.

    You can post your Matty questions in my Ask Matty thread. But Mattel has said before the 2002 line isn't coming back. At best, we might see 2002 designs in MOTUC style.

  • Jim, no one wants anything associated with the 2002 line…except me I want a Teela to complete my collection…but aside from me no one. The 80's is back. I'm even growing a mullet LOL.

  • Well I'll get that Grimlock but I will have literaly no place to put it… at all.

  • Seriously Mark, I know i'll get lynched for this but man…as popular the toys are.

    I seriously doubt Masters would succeed with the current 80's design. More ppl like the 80's design and a lot of those ppl are 80's kids (like me), but I have a hard time seeing ppl wanting figures where characters have super small loin clothes and barely any clothes.

    As an online exclusive I think these things with sell out great but in an aisle of GIJOES TRANSFORMERS MARVEL or DC with characters fully clothed and then BAM masters of the universe in near naked outfits….really don't see it surviving.

    I think the 2002 was horribily handled but if handled well..the 2002 versions would be the best bet for MOTU to gain back popularity…..2002 version or this new Live action movie version they're cooking up.

    I think times have changed. Sort of like the Batman Adam West….you won't see that sort of costume these days….Hence the Batman Suit/Armor costumes from Michael Keaton to Christian Bale.

    Point is I think times have changed and if MOTU is ever to succeed beyond the 80's kids, fans are going to have to accept updated versions of the characters to garner new fans of the next generation.

  • Also, if there are polls made i noticed the 80's versions ALWAYS win over the 2002 versions and I'm not surprised.

    However, I feel the poll is a bit skewed. Most of the fans are 80's kids so ofcourse the 80's versions would win in the polls.

    I understand the toys are for the fans of motu but if ever motu were to ever succeed…TRUELY BE A HUGE SUCCEES gaining more fans outside the 80's era kids…shouldn't we as fans be more open to the motu updates?

    I just notice that MOTU fans are really against changes…there at the extreme when it comes to being conservatives regarding the look of the characters.

    I just feel like times have changed and if the 80's kids love MOTU, they should be a bit more flexible. Again, I think i'm going to be tied to a car and dragged across a bumpy road for what I'm saying but that's how I feel.

    Matty Collector figures have succeeded because of they're limited collectibles. Gijoes, transformers, dc and marvel heroes have all UPDATED their looks. Would it make sense to believe that MOTU would succeed in gaining new fans by staying stagnant and static in the 80's by keeping their orginal looks?

  • Dear Skeletor,

    Quick question about merchandise bearing your visage: Did the MattyCollector site comp you one of their internet exclusives or did you have to pay for one?

  • Ugh… I'm tired of people complaining and about the MOTUC line. Its one thing not to like it, but it seems like people are just missing the point of this line entirely. I'm not even going to get into it.

    However, just let me say that when MOTU2K came out, I was all about it. I started collecting the figures hardcore. Heck, I have every figure that hit retail, and I continued to buy all of the stactions (no exclusives), needless to say I supported that line all the way through even though it was horribly mismanaged.

    I really really really like MOTUC. I'm a big MOTU fan, so I'd be supporting the line whether it was based off of the Filmation character designs or the MYP 2K character designs.

    I just wish people would stop crapping on this line for the sake of it. If you don't like it, move on – pretend it doesn't exist, and we can all be happy.

  • Jim, I do agree with you. 2002 designs were better for 'some' characters not all of them. I just wish they would release the Classics in the shops as they would sell well. Some characters could do with their 2002 look, but lets not forget the first Classics figure King Greyskull was a 2002 figure design.

    I wouldn't say G.I. Joe or Transformers have updated there looks as they are all based on their original look.

    Like I said the 80's are back LOL.

    hmmm….when I go to my metal nights I might start wearing a loin cloth as soon as my mullet grows…surely I won't be single for long then.

  • @mark: lol

    I agree. I really like the design of King Grayskull! When 2002 stuff came out I had imagined how I would like He-man to come out and it looked somewhat like King Grayskull…the furry cape and the way his hair was designed (always thought he-man's Bowl cut needed a tiny update).

  • Yeah, He-Man's bowl cut wasn't that great…should've had a mullet LOL. Mullets = Success.

    Seriously I do agree Jim, when the 2002 series came out I did like He-Man, I just wasn't keen on his head or the hunch back. King Greyskull has more of a Barbarian look which is really cool. They should have just included his head and a cape with He-Man, 2 for the price of one.

    Perhaps Poe or Skeletor can pass on my genius idea…of course I will need royalties but we can arrange that later.

  • 1 figure with additional accessories, vs 2 figures using largely the same parts. . . hmmm. . . wonder which setup a company's gonna go for, considering the line is aimed at nerd completists. . .

  • Wow! The head and cape inclusion idea is a good one. Never thought of that.

    Although…Mattel wouldn't prob do that because they would want another figure to sell.

    On the next Skeletor questions, I really want to know what color trap jaw's skin is….Lime green or Blue AND if skeletor's bones are ALL lime green?

    Does anyone know?

  • After my idea of including additional parts you should all know I am a genius so I am will answer you question Jim.

    Trapjaw's skin is blue. In the MOTU 2002 series in episode 1 The Begining it shows Trapjaw minus his trapjaw and robotic arm with entirely blue skin. Hope that helps.

    I would assume his bones are all lime green.

  • ohhhhhhhhh yeah! I forgot about that episode…it is blue! But how did his face become green. His Lower jaw and helmet are red but his face is lime green.

    I wonder if all of Keldor's people are yellow/lime bone colored.

  • at pfttear: lol! 🙂

    So who's getting the Faker figure? I can't wait to order him on Matty Monday!

    I wonder how long it'll take for him to sell out.

    I think I like Faker the best out of all the motuc's so far. For some reason I just think he's the most detailed one.

    The wash on the orange armor, silver wrist bands and belt are my favorite parts of the figure!

  • Also, I hope we get some new characters.

    I was thinking of an early xforce figure from toybiz of a villian called Fore Arm and how great it would be to have a cool motu villian with Four Arms called Fore Arm.

    🙂 I got laid off so I'm bored. HA!

  • LOL. @ Jim. Faker is growing on me. At first I wasn't keen but he is excellent looking for a repaint. I didn't own Faker originally but I will buy this one.

    Speaking of X Force, I would Marvel Legends to make a Killspree action figure.

    I would assume something happened Trapjaw's face i.e. it has been ripped off and he has reattached or taken someone elses and attached it with stitches, but the skin is dead and gone green. Also jaw is red to match the helmet which he had before his change.

    As for Keldors people and there bone colour I'm not sure, but there must be something up if there is a clan of them with blue skin. Also it says Keldor is Randor's half brother…I thought from a previous relationship Randor's father had but then I am thinking maybe Randors's mother had an affair with one of the many races on Eternia (difficult DNA test) then when theysaw he was blue it all came out, but to salvage there marriage they had another child, Randor, but they shunned Keldor growing up hence he getting messed up and turning to evil. I think I have solved it. As you can tell I have many sleepless nights solving the unanswerable questions that have plagued me and many others from childhood about cartoons from the 80's. Next up I must work out how Dungeon Master was Venger's father but looked nothing like him. Man, I need to get out more.

    I can't find work either. Not much demand for a freelance artist/ metal bass player! Suppose I could always get a van and a dog and go about solving mysteries. Jim, take my advice and do what I'm doing, play with MOTU Classics and GROW A MULLET.

  • @ Mark: LOL Wow! You are obsessed with Mullets! And maybe you should write the Bio's on the cardbacks of MOTUC! lol 🙂

    Killspree! I remember that figure! He would be a cool MOTU villian.

    About Trapjaw's face being ripped off? Did that really happen? And if it didn't…that's a pretty good

    explaination for it! Reminds me of that Texax chainsaw Massacre guy!

    As for Randor/Keldor…now that is probably going be the rated "R" version of it.

    "Suppose I could always get a van and a dog and go about solving mysteries." LOL

    Yup it's tough out there and it's only going to get tougher. It's almost absurd how far down we've fallen that I can't help but wonder how it'll look at the very bottom.

    Lastly, I shall now bid on that MOTUC Mer Man! Wish me luck!

    LOL yeah right!

  • In the Faces oF Evil one-shot comic, Skeletor essentially punched Trap Jaw's jaw off and Tri-Klops fixed him up.

  • LOL. So what. Its fun bitching over the MOTU lines.

    @Jim I was thinking more like the Highlander film in which Kurgan killed someone and took there face and stitched it over his as a diguise.

    I think if I wrote the bios for the MOTU Classics I would be jobless after one day. I won't even try to explain how Stratos came about….or Snout Spout, there must have been a lot of cross breading or messed up experiments (I have theories). Here is an idea. Maybe Faker is in fact Skeletor's son, Marlena cheated on Randor, history repeating itself, then they had Adam…then in order to defeat He-Man, Skeletor gave Faker cyborg parts.

    Scott I did not know that about Skeletor punching Trapjaw, mustread those comics.

    Have to say it…Classics Trapjaw will be excellent.

  • @ Newton Gimmick: Sorry but I was just making a comment

    I'm sorry a few ppl on here are upset that I brought it up but seriously, what's that going to accomplish by bashing or attacking me? It's not like that's going to make me stop.

    I've heard a TON of guys say worse stuff and it really doesn't stop the person from commenting. People will always say what they want and do what they want.

    It's a place to post so they'll be both good and bad comments anywhere.

  • @Mark…lol…that's funny! Oh and I think I read that somewhere. Masters of the Universe Icons of Evil comic….Trapjaw sort of defy's Skeletor and they fight I think. U should check it out!

  • @ Jim, Yeah thanks man I must check it out….as far as I have read, I could be wrong on this but in the original mini-comic I think Trapjaw was more than a lacky he was a criminal from a different dimension and had a lot of power. Except he had green skin in the comic. There was also a 2002 repaint figure with green skin, wonder if the Classics will do a variant repaint of Trap-Jaw in Green considering that is how he first appeared in the comics. Just have to say, me personnally, I prefer the blue skin with the green face.

    Wait a minute….Keldor, blue skin….Trap-Jaw, blue skin….Twobar(one half of Twobad), has blue skin. As does Hordak. Either your theory about a race of blue skined people on Eternia is correct or Hordak is mating with a lot of females on Eternia then going back to Etheria do get out of paying child support.

  • @Mark: Either your theory about a race of blue skined people on Eternia is correct or Hordak is mating with a lot of females on Eternia then going back to Etheria do get out of paying child support.

    LOL LOL LOL. That's funny dude.

    I just got home from this figure convention called Frank and Son here in Los Angeles and I couldn't find any of the Masters of the Universe Icons of Evil Comics. I'm thinking of getting the TPB but it's 20 bucks. There's one on ebay for $5.99 but it's used….not into buying used stuff.

    As for the blue skin stuff, I was wondering the same thing…there are lot of blue skinned characters. Also…webstor. lol I had to do a double take on Hordak…I was thinking about the 2002 Hordak having Gray skin and in the 80's toon he has blue skin…forgot about that.

    MOTU CLASSIC MERMAN in hong kong sold for 102! AMAZING! Those aren't even painted as well as the American releases though so I'm not jealous. 🙂

  • @ Jim. WOW that is expensive.

    I can honestly say I have never been to a comic/ collectors convention yet…must go.

    I agree I am not to keen on used stuff either, comic book wise. Still $5.99 is a good price. Only MOTU comic I have is Shard of Darkness….very good, really liked it.

    I had thought about Webstor….but that would involve Hordak and a spider…and I just did not want to go there. LOL.

    Jim here is my email address should you wish to discuss MOTU further.

    I have been thinking of getting some Stactions but I think I should just concentrate on the Classics.

  • Will do buddy!

    Oh and I just picked up the Hordak ministatue…REALLY nice! The pre posed waist turn is a bit too much though but it's still pretty good!

  • Um… back on topic… Skeletor, when are you and Evil Lyn cranking out some youngsters? I mean come on, it's been over 20 years… the gal's earned a ring by now!