Ask Skeletor – Round 1

ask_skelGreetings! I am Skeletor, Overlord of Evil!

As the consequence of a plea bargain with the city of Boston regarding an undisclosed case, I have been assigned as the resident agony uncle for this miserable website. I will answer any and all questions you may have regarding life, love, happiness, summoning the Elder One Sh’Gora, and so forth. [EDIT: I have just been informed that I cannot tell you how to summon Sh’Gora. I apologise for this disappointing lie I told.]

Please post any questions you have for me in the comments below, and every Thursday I will answer as many as I must to meet my weekly quota as defined in the terms of the settlement. (That’s the last time I let Beast Man serve as my lawyer.) You may also email me if you wish to conceal the depth of your shameful ignorance from others.

Skeletor is the Evil Lord of Destruction and would-be conqueror of Eternia. Currently he resides in Snake Mountain with his henchmen and cat, Panthor. He loves black magic, death, and jafari stew.

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  • I have decided to sell about 75% of my collection of Transformers, G.I. Joe etc etc. My reason for doing this is that I think it has taken over me instead of it being a hobby and has prevented me from concentrating on my art and my music and meeting people. Do you think this is the best thing to do?

  • How dumb are you that you think a puppy's feelings and the spirit of Christmas are worth pissing off Horde Prime?

  • Hello, Skeletor.

    Comedian Jake Johannsen described you as "A skeleton with muscles" and deemed the combination "Pretty cheap."

    How do you respond?

  • Skeletor,

    How did you meet Dr. Ms. Poe Ghostal?????

    Was it Love at first sight?

    Thru friends?

    At a Church group?

    At a comic convention?

    Did she do some sort of surgery on you?

    Tell the tale of the Secret Origins of Poe Ghostal!

  • Did you know in many college campus circles your name is an insult used to imply unattractiveness in women?

  • What are the chance one day we will see you beat the crap out of Mumm-Ra?

  • What is the chance one day we will see Mumm-Ra beat the crap out of you?

  • I am tragically short on space for my collection in my designated collection area, but if I spend money on a new shelving unit I can afford less action figures. So should I get a new shelving unit or the Masterpiece Grimlock?

  • I have a good question Poe and I will continue to bug u and post over and over till I get an answer!!!!!!!!!

    Can u ask Mattel if they can put up the 2002 MOTU figures up at Mattycollector with Articulation and paint washes and added detail?

    I'm sure a lot of people would buy a ton of this stuff. They could use all the same molds. I think they should milk 2002 stuff for all it's worth. What do you guys think?

  • Why are you asking Poe questions? This thread is for asking Skeletor. It's even in the title.

  • oh. Skeletor!!!!! Can u pass on the suggestions to Poe for his Matty collector questions?

  • …and skeletor who's more powerful you or hordak…oh and u can't get enough of evil lyn, can you? lol

  • What kind of training do you do? Obviously you have to stay in great shape to keep going up against the most powerful man in the universe.

  • Skeletor,

    Have you considering restructuring your organization? I mean, I know you don't want too many competant lackeys or they'll overthrow you (like Evil-Lyn) but you gotta do better than Beast Man if you're ever gonna take over Eternia. Maybe outsourcing? What evil minions would you hire away from other toy lines, I mean, evil groups?

  • Since you keep loosing to He-Man did you ever think of going to Third Earth to rule there? Mumm-Ra has come real close to beating the Thundercats….but it appears like everything on Third Earth his only weakness is when up against Snarf. Surely Panthor would make short work of Snarf, saying that Panthor is a cat….you would have to make sure where his loyalties lay.

  • Tell the truth, Skelly: The whole "getting into Greyskull" thing was just your Freudian way of trying to get into He-Man's furry speedo, am I right? Huh? Kinda like when a grade school boy pulls a girl's pigtails?

  • Speaking of which, who makes the furry underwear with belt combos on Eternia, and just how rich is that guy?

  • Must have been cool being mentioned on The Simpsons….even if it was in an insult towards Mr Burns.

  • Why the hell is trap jaw's face lime green but but he's blue skinned on his chest and left arm????????

  • Do you have dental plan w/ the Henchmen Care Benefits package? I've fallen on hard times and have this impacted molar. Jingle my jangle!!