VM poll results and new poll

Well, Vintage Month is over and it’s time to tally up our poll results.

In answer to the question, “Which 1980s property most deserves a revamped toyline?” here’s how you voted:

  • C.O.P.S. ‘N’ Crooks: 39 votes (28%)
  • Bravestarr: 30 votes (22%)
  • Sectaurs: 29 votes (21%)
  • Inhumanoids: 26 votes (19%)
  • Captain Power: 15 votes (11%)

While I think all these lines could make for an appealing update, I can see why C.O.P.S. won: like Masters of the Universe, it has a broad range of crazy, unique character designs. And so, with any luck, Hasbro will give us a new Buttons McBoomBoom in the near future. (Man, does that name sound NSFW…)

There’s a new poll up, this time asking what new features (if any) you’d most like to see if and when Mattel re-releases MOTUC Skeletor. Note you can choose up to three options in this poll.

5 thoughts on “VM poll results and new poll”

  1. As my opinion is the only one that counts LOL anyone who voted for COPS or any thing else is wrong. Bravesatrr should have won hands down in a heartbeat.

  2. Look at the characters Bravestarr had and all the greats that were never made. If they remade Bravestarr we could get a huge buid-a-figure of Stampede, how awesome would that be. This has just angered and depressed as I want updated articulated Bravestarr figures to stand with my MOTUC and NECA TMNT. Also some Thunderctas.

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