It Figures #12

Lovecraft eBay


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  • That is AWESOME… how much would one of these cost me in today's market? I could just go to eBay, but that'd be too easy.

    Coincidentally, I was just reading up on an old favorite Walt Disney World ride of mine, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. I was about 7 when I first went on a Voyage, and it was probablly my most favorite ride from WDW (PotC and Haunted Mansion were too scary for me at the time). It was a fun ride if I remember correctly, and its unfortunate slow demise was unfitting of such a fine vessle… and now its all been filled in and is Pooh's Play Area or something depressing… interestingly enough, in Pooh's tree house, there is a knot on one of the doorways with a tiny Nautilus…