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  • 8:56!!!!!!! I'm ready!!!!!!!

    oh and I changed the head…i like the classic head better. The cardback/modern head looks like he's high on crack! lol

  • SON OF A BITCH!!!!!!!!!! I've been loading every 3 seconds for 3 mins now!



    Hey Toy Fan,

    Thank you for placing your order with Due to an overwhelming interest, your order could take several minutes to process.

    If the page times out, be assured your order is in the queue, and there’s no need to submit a new order. If your order was successful, you’ll receive an order confirmation email within two hours.

    Thanks for your patience.


  • Finally got through but got that msg.

    I swear I really think matty does this to amp up hype!

    AND ITS WORKING! Damn Matty's an evil Lead sniffing GENUIS! I'm a MOTUC Druggee!

  • Mattel….even with all their millions they can't make a decent ordering system for their website.

    @Jim…I told you the classic head was the best. What are you worried about, you already have one LOL, suppose you want another to display with the cardback head then you won't have to keep decideing which you like best LOL. Hope they sort out the website for Man-At-Arms.


  • @Mark…yeah i could live without some mermen soldiers but I didn't want my card charged for nothing.

    Yeah yeah yeah…u were right! Classic head is way better! 🙂 Hey mark…wash you hands well man….just read about that swin flu going around in europe? crazy stuff.

  • Jim, et al —

    I was viewing the page on Safari a little before 12 and it switched to that 3-second refresher page. After about 3 minutes of being (paranoid) fed up, I decided to switch to a second browser (Firefox) and see if I could load the MattyCollector page. Came right up, and Mer-Man was purchased with minimal effort. Although I do wish the various shipping options recalculated price dynamically.

  • T…firefox…switching to firefox…

    ahhhh I'm not computer savvy at all so I wouldn't know how or if I could do that. lol

    Thanks for the tip though! 🙂

  • Cool! Thanks Pete! I got it saved on my favs and will download later!

    I wonder how long it'll take for merman to sell out this time?

    Oh and just an fyi: I refreshed around 8:58 and that's when I saw the "coming soon" turn to "Add to cart".

  • Matty said something about working out all the bugs so things would go smoothly right? Hahahaha, good one.

  • Wow. Two hours total. I would really like some exact numbers released by Mattel on how many were in each shipment, and an exact breakdown of how many people bought 10 and where they went so we could determine how real this thing is. Also, did the split effectively allow you to buy 20?

    I feel like Merman might be a highwater mark because he is a core character and the quality is best to date. The paint on his trident makes me wish they had painted the Havoc Staff for Skeletor. I could only be happier if he had come with a third, Filmation cartoon accurate head. Zodac will be the real test for where this line stands. An obscure character with a somewhat boring design should slow sales a bit. The next character that might match Merman in terms of design, character appeal, and value would probably be Man at Arms. But we will have to see.

  • I tell you what, I'm not worried about Zodac anymore. Mattel has said they want these to stay available for at least two weeks, and at this rate I have a hard time believing Zodac will last that long.

    I wonder how long double the number of Mer-Man figures would have lasted…

    @Griffin: Aren't you forgetting Hordak? I'm willing to bet Hordak's popularity will destroy Mer-Man's.

  • I'm glad this line is a hit so it will continue and we can get more unique sculpts(Two-Bad….please?), but at the same tim this is beginning to get old. I've never missed out on one yet, even the borderline mythical Faker but it would be nice if these things could be available for more than an hour or so at a time, I feel for those who have missed out, and I can't help but think they could draw more people to the line if someone who decides one day to start collecting it could go to Matty and pick up a few at a time instead of waiting for the 15th and then maybe getting one if you're online at the right time.

  • @Poe,

    I hadn't even thought about Hordak….dear God. As many people are going to want him, if they can't figure this out by then I feel they will do irreparable damage to the line as people don't like not being able to get their figures, but they HATE not being able to get their favorite character, and I think Hordak fits that bill for a number of people.

  • @Valo487: Yup…i never believed them for a second. If you go on, people are PISSED at the 10 limit blaming scalpers and all.

    But as crappy as all that is. I have to say this…and a few may disagree with me…but I think this would really not be a success without scalpers. It's not just ebay sellers, its a TON of ONLINE RETAILERS scooping these guys up.

    Secondary market prices FLAME up a line and make them SUPER HOT! So as crappy as it is to lose out, I don't think MOTU would be doing as well without Scalpers. They would STILL do well but not AS WELL as they are now.

    The instant sell outs add ruckus, amps up hype and talk throughout everyone in the action figure community so that makes everyone ITCH and SCRATCH to buy this line up!

    For now, I'm not sure people will quite the line because of scalpers. If they do, I don't think the amount of ppl that quit would matter since MOST people desire things that are harder to get.

    It's that whole.."We all want what we can't have" bit.

    Matty facebook would KILL me, but I say that if Matty doesn't cater to scalpers, matty would decrease their sales on a slight to medium range.

  • Oh and do you guys notice a lot of HOT female fans on the matty collector facebook?

    Hot geeky chicks are a rarity. LOL

  • @ Poe, a lot of people weren't worried about Stratos either and he was gone in 3 days.

    I actually am worried about Zodac and especially Hordak and Man-At-Arms!

    I know Mattel want's the figures to last longer, I've no doubt they're looking to up production numbers right now. But those changes won't be reflected on the next few characters, two of which are SURE to be huge sellers.

    This is really incredible!

  • You know how everyone's bashing the scalpers. I did some SLOPPY calculations and I calculate just a $10 profit from buyers if they sell a merman for $46 plus 7.50 s/h. OR with free shipping they'd have to sell it for at least $54.

    I guess you can make $100 if you sell 10 figures but a 10 profit doesn't seem worth it to sell a figure.

    $20 figures cost

    $2-3 to put the auction up (boosted it up a buck or two for cushion)

    $10 for ebay's cut of the profit

    $3 for paypal fee

    $10 Profit

    that would mean selling it for $46 not including s/h.

  • @Jim…I got my Merman on ebay for $47 dollars including free shipping.

    Will do buddy.

  • @Mark: Oh no…don't get me wrong…selling internationally does get you a ton of profit, I'm just speaking within the U.S.

    In fact, some facebook guy in europe bought a merman for $55! Geez!

    Personally, I wouldn't sell internationally because I once sold to Chile and got accused of not sending it. I couldn't prove I did since there was no tracking.

  • Wow! I'm surprised that Mer-Man Part Deux sold out so quickly! I imagine it was the same hype/fervor that everyone else had for part one. I wish Mattel would release some kind of numbers here, what are we talking? A thousand? 10,000?

    @Jim: RE: Oh and do you guys notice a lot of HOT female fans on the matty collector facebook?

    I totally know what you mean! I just hope those actually are hot female fans and not creepy fanboys in disguise! Its really nice to see though, action figure collecting is such a male-dominated hobby, when girls are into it its even great… uh, cuz they're girls, and they have boobs. =)

  • "when girls are into it its even great… uh, cuz they’re girls, and they have boobs. =)"

    Always a pleasure to read ur comments! lol

  • You know…maybe I'm a cynic, and I certainly don't mean to slander Mattel by suggesting this…but I wonder whether Mattel is counting on this line selling via speculation. Admittedly, scalpers who are selling for the prices fir which they're selling currently aren't making much of a profit. But Mattel, on the other hand, by walking a very thin line between underproducing enough to make fans quit the line and underproducing just enough to make scalpers buy in quantity (more than fans conceivably might, if the figures were plentiful) Mattel might stand to make more profit than the line can sustain from fans alone. Of course, the trick here would be to find the sweet spot wherein scalpers were buying more figures than there were fans…and to try to sustain it at that level for as long as they could. To whip as many people up into believing that there would be someone out there willing to pay the inflated price for the figures. And like all bubbles…it would burst. At which point, Mattel could of course just go back to producing just enough figures for the fans, assuming they hadn't crossed that point-of-no-return by which they drove them all off. Or, rather, considering how short memory is, they could probably start the process all over again…

  • That said, my grasp of economics is itself based on speculation about just how economics work, at that.

  • @Poe, I considered Hordak, and maybe I'm underestimating his popularity. I think Hordak is definitely more popular, but I'm not sure that Hordak's prototype has the mix of quality, value and character appeal that Merman does and Man at Arms looks like he will with all those well done accessories and armor. Maybe Hordak's popularity alone will cause him to move faster. I'm also assuming the scalper bubble might burst with Zodac if he doesn't make them enough profits.

  • And what I forgot to add is that if this is the model by which the company can turn enough profit on an otherwise collector-based line to make it worth their while, well…it's up to us all to decide if the hassle is worth it. A company's a company, after all.

  • @T: I agree Mister T! I think Mattel's just a pretty good Hustler! lol

    It's funny…some girl named Amelia on Matty collector facebook, she wants to rally a bunch of ppl to buy in bulk and sell for cost.

    As admirable as that is…I wouldn't do it….I can't imagine having a headache selling on ebay for just $10 of profit.

    How much more if there is no profit? I can see if you wanna help out a friend but why waste your time. They're will ALWAYS be scalpers..always be ppl willing to pay 2ndary market prices.

    I'll say this much…as much as I hate how hard it is to buy these damn things because of the scalpers and online retailers….I DO NOT BLAME THEM. I'd be livin in a fantasy land if I'd be shocked that there are ppl who want profit outta these figures….especially now when times are crazy.

    So even though it sucks to have scalpers hog all the figures, I won't bitch and complain because this is the real world.

    Mattel is hustling….Scalpers are hustling. That's life.

    I'm a realist. I paid $511 for 2 sets of MOTUC. I realize the real world is about business. Bitching and complaining does nothing. The source to fix all this is Mattel amping up quanties but if they do, scalpers and online buyers won't exist and you'll see a sudden drop in sales. MOTUC will still sell among fans but it won't be this hot. If this stuff is NOT that hot, then the line will die and burn out.

    Call me crazy but I guess if you follow Amelia's plan and we go against the flow of things…meaning both of the hustlers in this game (mattel, scalpers), then the line with fizzle out and mattel will not want to continue the line.

    Therefore, if does succeed with there petition to buy in bulk and help each other out and this nurts scalpers and online retailers…then that hurts Mattel significantly.

    You have to realize a line like this thrives on the secondary market's ability to heat up a line. It's not like GIJOE or Transformers with a pretty good marketing history. Those brands can make sales through everyone because of their great marketing, distribution, cartoons and movies. MOTU has a lot of potential but hasn't even scratched the surface of it's TRUE potential.

  • @Jim: Always glad to entertain! 😉

    Supply and Demand… you always want to make sure you have more of the latter then the former.

    Somewhat (un)related, in one of my social studies classes back in, I'd say fifth or sixth grade, our teacher held up a dollar bill and asked how much what he was holding in his hand was worth. Most of the kids in my class guessed "A dollar" "One hundred pennies" etc. I was the only one who raised my hand and said it was worth nothing.

    Any "economy" is basically a bubble waiting to burst, just look at the state of the U.S. economy. I think we should go back to the bartering system… you give me a gallon of milk, and I'll give you two loaves of bread…

    The fact that these keep selling fast is I think due to a lot of hype, coupled with the popularity. Of course there are going to be scalpers on here buying up 10x at a time, but there are also the fans who are buying one to open, one to display MOC, one to customize, two to sell now, and one to put in a box in their attic and hopefully quintouple their money in ten years…

    One would think that there would be no need for scalpers from a line that is sold directly from the manufacturer.

    Anyways, I don't think I have a main point here, but either way, its all speculation since we don't know what kind of numbers we're talking about here, and all we have to rely on is the word of Mattel, which to some isn't worth a heck of a lot these days.


  • @PrfktTear: The dollar is worthless UNLESS it's has 4 more friends to buy a footlong sandwich. BURP! lol

    Eating a Subway footlong for $5…pretty good deal. Always thought the commericals had a bit of sexual inuendo! lol

    Anyway….I shall buy a zodak. damn you mattel for such a tempting collection!

  • Aah… but a single dollar will buy ye a McDouble! (Same as a double cheeseburger, minus one slice'o'cheese…)

    That said, I have been known on occasion to enjoy a foot long… sub.

    Furthermore, a dollar is useless without a five cent piece for tax! 😉


  • I have just sorted out a deal with a fellow collector in the UK…and he is going to get me all the upcomming MOTUC figures along with his so I will not have to pay the scalpers….except possibly for He-Ro depending on its price.

    @PrfktTear, if we went back to a bartering system Mattel HQ would have an awful amount of loaves…saying that they would not go hungry.

    @Jim….at least MOTUC classics are selling well. At first I prefered the 2002 Zodac, bit after seeing the Classic and looking at my original I am glad they went for his classic look which is far better.

  • @Mark: Congrats! I think that's always the best way to go…finding a local supplier that charges a cheap base price and ofcourse the positive of there being no s/h charges! Plus, you can probably pick through his stock if you want the best paints and no production errors.

  • @Jim…well kind of, he is in England and I'm in Northern Ireland. He only charges £30 a figure with free postage. I actually got my Skeletor and Stratos from him and they were excellent quality with no bad paint.

    I am so excited by the MOTUC line, don't get me wrong I will still get the odd Transformers and G.I. Joe but I just want to focus on the MOTUC. Hope He-Ro is not to expensive when he comes out.