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  • Mattel is supposedly going to post information about its MOTUC subscription service today. If/when it does, I’ll post it here.
  • My Mer-Man should arrive tomorrow. Review coming shortly thereafter.
  • I’m impressed by the fact we reached 200+ votes on the latest poll…what are the chances we can get to 300 before May 1, people? I’m also impressed that the purple Catwoman is in the lead–I almost didn’t include her on the list. Out of curiosity, what’s her appeal to people? Do many of you see her as the Catwoman you grew up with?
  • May is going to be a big month for geeks–Wolverine, Star Trek and Terminator: Salvation. Which one(s) will you see in the theater? I think the only one I might pass on is Wolverine, depending on reviews.

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  • Poe-

    For Catwoman; that particular costume really speaks to the 90's Jim Balent era with the flowing black hair and thigh high boots, and is one of the most recognizable depictions.

    I got a question, you hinted at a black and grey Batman possibly for a new Wal-mart wave. Please tell me it's for the belt pouch and not the capsule belt current second chance version. Thoughts?

  • @Frogster: It's only a guess that the black-and-gray Batman will be in the Walmart wave. We know we're getting such a figure at some point (Toy Guru mentioned it on their Facebook page at one point), and I would think Walmart would love to have both the Joker and a Batman figure in their exclusive wave.

    Unfortunately, I suspect it will have the capsule belt and yellow bat symbol. It will most likely be a non-muddy version of the Batman from the upcoming Clayface two-pack. I'll be (very pleasantly) surprised if it turns out to be a pouch-belt, black-bat version.

  • My girl wants to see Wolverine. Not sure if I could drag her to Star Trek, but maybe. We're both in TSCC but I'm not really excited for the new flick.

    Quick question… Mattel is offering free shipping to those who got a backorder Mer-Man. Only, I haven't heard any reports of a back order Mer-Man. Any idea why that is?

  • I voted for Catwoman in the poll because, as you said, she is the Catwoman I think of just because of timing and my youth (it is the same reason that for the rest of my life when people mention the X-Men I'll see Jim Lee's artwork in my head). My biggest want was the Lex Luthor in the jumpsuit though the History of the DCU from DC Direct will be putting one out.

    I'll be seeing all three in theaters in May, but Star Trek is the only one I have high hopes for. Wolverine doesn't look so hot, but I tend to see every comic book movie (with a few exceptions – Elektra) in theaters. Any real hopes I had for Terminator Salvation were dashed on the PG-13ish of it all.

  • My Oldest is excited for Wolverine, and surprisingly, up for Star Trek. It's incredibly sad that those "Not your dad's Star Trek" ads apply here. Terminator…I'll hold out until it gets to the cheap theatre, at least.

    I don't think I had voted yet: had to go with Catwoman, if only in the hopes of maybe actually seeing one.

  • Yeah, I suspect that the scarcity of Catwoman's DCSH release might have something to do with her standing in the poll. That said, I would really like to see that costume done by the Horsemen. The purple costume is my favorite when it comes to Catwoman. It's funny how some designs take hold like that, even if they were- or perhaps because they were only only around for a short while. For instance, I'm also most fond of Wolverine's brown costume.

    Anyhoo- as for the movies, I'll probably see all three. I'm still excited about Star Trek; I have lowered my expectations for Wolverine; and I will probably give Terminator a chance – if I can find it somewhere at a matinee price. (Is anyone else getting kinda sick of Christian Bale and his affected gravelly voice and blank stare?)

  • I too voted for that Catwoman, despitehaving the DCSH one. The Balent Catwoman is exactly the Catwoman I grew up with, and yes, the appear of a puprle spandex catsuit means something completely different to me now. THe DCSH Lee style one is okay, but the goggles ( which i painted silver, poorly) were a huge dissapointment, and the figure itself refuses to stand or hold her whip. I do love her accesories tho. The cat and the necklace ( also now silver) are very cool.

    As for movies, I think Wolverine could be cool, but I'm not in love with Deadpool's redesign, but I actually think Ryan Reynolds could be a good choice for Wade. Also, Emma=win, and my GF is dying to see Gambit.

    Star Trek holds no appeal for me. I liked the old Star Trek, the one that valued intelligence over tits and explosions. Everyone else I know is hyped for it tho, so I have no doubt it'll do well. Still, I only hope it gets DST to release more DS9 figs, as they are cheap bastards.

    I have never been a Terminator fanatic, but the new movie looks awesome to me. See, to me, Terminator has ALWAYS been about explosions, and this movie looks to deliver those in spades. I like the fact we actually get to see the war between man and machine which has been teased for so long, even if the replicant idea has been done in countless sci-fi movies/ tv shows before (ex. Alien series, Twilight Zone, Blade Runner, ect.)

    I know this summer is the first directly affected by the Writers Strike, but still, its hard to get too excited about anything coming out. Star Trek and Harry Potter are holdovers. Still, maybe some indie darling will get more attention because of it.

    So in summation:

    Star Trek =/= tits + explosions

    Catwoman = tits

    Terminator = explosions

  • I voted for the Batman too. Black Bat symbol would be my choice, but I don't care about the belt.

    And I'll also be seeing all three films.

  • I voted for Catwoma because I missed the DCSH version. I really thought that Batman was going to run away with it easily. Maybe the multiple votes helped Catwoman, I don't know if she would have been my first choice. I also voted for Batman and Robin, so I guess I'm bat biased. I would prefer a Lex Luthor in a suit to the the jumpsuit version i think, even though the jumpsuit would be better for a legion of doom.

  • Yep, Catwoman in almost ANY incarnation of her costume is always gonna represent the ultimate comic femme fatale. Even on reruns of the campy 1960's BATMAN TV series, could you really take your eyes off the slinky & beautious Julie Newmar in her prime playing Ms.Kyle? The Balent high boots are…..well, a friggin' turn-on, that's for sure!

    Women looooove Hugh Jackman – so I'm glad Wolverine won't be a complete geekfest in the theaters, I suppose. The new Star Trek looks interesting, but can they improve on the character dynamics already woven by past Enterprise crews ????

    The Terminator series has also held a bit more emotional anchoring in its characters & plots (see the excellent Sarah Connor Chronicles) – dunno if Salvation can in that after the dismal T3 flick. Director McG isn't really known for character sentiments, is he ? But I do hope everyone enjoys the summer flicks to be worthy of our hard-earned moolah these days.

  • i can't beleive no one has said it yet… you wanna know the real reason the purple balent costume hooked so many cat-fans? HUGE BOOBS! bobs so big, you could set a serving tray on them, boobs so massive, they were a traffic obstruction, boobs so gravity defying, they almost lifted aloft one issue. that's why that image is so iconic, and w/ the new power girl buck getting unveiled, we now know they have the female upper torso required to do those sweater puppies justice.

    i love how folks are looking for something artsy and more creative out of terminator (or bale specifically)… it's a franchise made popular by huge and copious explosions and a naked austrian. if anyone is waiting to see "if it's any good" before getting behind it, it's already good… i've seen the trailers and it looks like dirty people, lots of explosions and CGI robots… by terminator standards, that means it looks perfect! it ain't jane austen people, don't expect orson welles performances out of terminator movies. that's like saying, "well, i liked harold and kumar go to white castle, but i'm tired of the recurrant use of krumholtz to justify anti-semitic jokes."

  • APRIL 29 Merman back on sale per Mattel Facebook Update on Merman!

    Hopefully they have enough stock!

  • I'm glad I got one already, I am nowhere near prepared for a second sh!tstorm if the second batch goes wrong somehow. I'm afraid of how many people are placing their hopes on this second batch when Mattel has already admitted they didn't expect so many people to be after Mer-Man. If they were caught off guard then, how could they be prepared now so shortly afterwards?

  • I'm not sure what the advantage of the Subscription will be. Other than that you essentially have your figure "pre-ordered" and don't have to get up early, take time off from work or whatever to get your order through.

    I'm curious though, will the subscriptions cut down on the number available to those who don't opt into it?!

    Also, it doesn't include bonus figures or exclusives, so you still have to go on for those.

  • Purple Catwoman is my childhood Catwoman. She's why I have my catgirl fetish, and my DC direct version isn't articulated enough for my tastes.

  • While the three movies mentioned above all look cool, I'm personally looking forward to May 29th. Pixar's "Up" and Sam Raimi's "Drag Me To Hell" both come out that day.

    Oh, dayraven pretty much nailed why Catwoman has been in the lead of this poll.

  • @Santo: I'm still excited about the G.I. Joe movie. I don't have a lot of expectations for it, but I'm figuring that way by not getting my hopes up, it won't disappoint me! (Which is pretty much what I do for every movie I go see these days).

    I'll most likely see all three. I *sssh…* already viewed the rough cut of Wolvie, and to be honest, I liked it. I'm hoping that what makes the theatrical release is even better. I think by not being a huge Marvel/Comics fan to begin with, I don't have a lot to compare it to, so all it has to do is entertain me for two hours and just not suck, and I'll be happy.

    I'm getting really excited about Star Trek. Even if it is being marketed as Not your father's Trek and all that stuff. I just hope they don't lose the essence of Trek by trying to tell a suped-up action-hero Rambo,XxX kind of flick. I think thats what ruined Quantum of Solace, and Die Hard IV. To me Trek is about the humanistic approach, telling a story about characters, not about space ships and aliens. Look what they accomplished with BSG, even though you could boil the plot down to Killer Robots in Outer Space the focus of the show wasn't about that at all.

    Salvation I have no expectations for at all whatsoever. I'm not the hugest Terminator fan, yeah, I like T2, and Terminator is badass, I've seen a few episodes of Chronicles but I've not seen but the last twenty minutes of T3, so basically I'm going in blind and its totally up to them to impress me.

    Purple Catwoman is hot, but since my fandom of Batman lays with the Burton flicks and TAS, I like the grey/black suit.

  • i honestly lost all hope for wolverine with the leak…im sure it will do fine , but what they did to deadpool is unforgivable ( i used to hate the guys who loathed the movie redesigns…but now it hit too close to home..and i can’t do it anymore )

    it was said above that star trek is all tits and explosions ( im not afraid to admit they are the 2 things i love on this planet other than action figures – tits are first by the way – ) ….so go star trek

    terminator looks ok to me…i’ll see it

    i think im the only person in the world excited about the g.i.joe movie

    and yeah..purple catwoman was the one i knew growing up…but kyle rayner was my green lantern …and he gets no love…arrg! 90’s D.C.

  • Definitely want to see Terminator. Will probably see Wolverine. Probably wait for video to see Star Trek.

  • Yikes, any time I see Jim Balent art I think of Tarot, and "YOUR VAGINA IS HAUNTED!" (Look it up on the invincible super blog.). . . I think Jim Balent just wishes his life were a Russ Meyer film, so I can't take his work seriously. I liked Cooke and Brubaker's redesign because it was more realistic, and the character was certainly better written. There's still Black Canary, Zatanna and Power Girl for people who need OMFGBEWBS to enjoy female characters.

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