Sick Day

Just a few quick things… I’m recovering from a 24-hour bug that kept me up all last night, so there probably won’t be many updates today. Doing five “It Figures” per week has turned out to be a little too ambitious, so from now on there will be a new one every Monday, Wednesday and […]

Toy review roundup (via Fanmode)

yo go re reviews the Shocker Toys Indie Spotlight Kabuki figure. Excerpt: “… Shocker Toys did a better job on these toys than anyone expected they would.” Michael Crawford reviews the Playmates Toys Terminator Salvation T-600, T-700, T-R.I.P and Marcus (Battle Damage version) 3¾-inch-scale figures. Excerpt: “These are quite a bit better than the 3 […]

“Fists of Clay” DCUC two-pack pops up on eBay

The DCUC Batman/Clayface two-pack has appeared on eBay. The seller claims to have imported them directly from China. His prices are ludicrous, and these figures will be available at most major online merchants eventually, but it’s nice to see a pic. If you’ve always wanted a shit-splattered Batman, your wish has been granted!

DCUC Wave 8 in stock at Entertainment Earth

The DC Universe Action Figures Wave 8 Case is in stock at Entertainment Earth. Available for $138.72, this Wave 8 case includes 10 individually packaged action figures: 1x Batman 1x Robin 2x Hawkgirl with Giganta piece 2x Gentleman Ghost with Giganta piece 2x Dr. Fate with Giganta piece 2x Parademon with Giganta piece NOTE: This […]

Review > Mer-Man (Masters of the Universe Classics)

Next to Beast Man (and maybe Trap-Jaw), Skeletor‘s most recognizable henchman is the creatively-named Mer-Man. The original figure was distinctive for his bizarre, vaguely cat-like head (which looked nothing like the packaging art, seen above) and the so-called “corn-sword,” which was supposed to look like an aquatic weapon of the sea, made from a sawfish’s […]

Paul’s Peg > Terminator Salivation?

Hey y’all, Paul here to talk a bit about the Terminator Salvation toys from Playmates. Since Poe is so awesome at reviewing toys, I’m just going to go ahead and give my two cents on the overall line as well as one figure I picked up. First of all, I think as collectors that the […]