6 thoughts on “Pic of the Day”

  1. These pictures are so good that the damn things look alive…oh wait, you guys think they ARE alive!

  2. lol mumma, pickin' on geeks! I loved this line as a kid, may have to start reassembling collection.

  3. Baron Karza was my absolute Ffave – much cooler than Force Commander. I didn't care if he was a Vader knock-off he was big, poseable and looked Bad-ass. Everthing my Kennr Darth wasn't. An all time great.

  4. Deffinently cool, would love to get one eventually.

    SOTA Toys planned a reimagined relaunch of the Micronauts but it never happened beyond the prototype stages due to lack of interest from the fans. The new toys looked amazing and where some of the coolest sculpted and articulated toys ever…they even had more articulation than the Street Fighter figures and had interchangeable parts like th originals.

    I contacted SOTA Toys an they said for the figures to get a rlease they would need support from near 10,000 fans….so if you want some new Micronauts toys contact SOTA Toys and show your support.

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