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Fantanauti – Totila l’invincibile by cobra.creations


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  1. Cobra1977 (cobra.cre

    Hi folks,

    I'm glad that you liked this picture.. here in Italy "Fantanauti" were a short-living series that tried to follow the success of Micronauts.

    I actually don't know where these toys were originally produed (ok, they're japanese, but nothing about the real name). "Fantanauti" is a sort of rip-off/homage to Micronauts ("Fantascienza" means "Science-Fiction")… there is the good guy (Totila) and the bad guy (Wiscid) and a couple of magnetic horses…

    See ya around!


  2. Mario

    O.k., I actually saw the link after posting my question. Not a very detailed description, but now I know.

  3. Mario

    Wow! What line is this from? I'm a sucker for vintage toys & these are very nice.

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