Whither the ML Nemesis wave?


PGPoA reader and all-around grand fellow Esbat wrote in to alert me to something I’d been unaware of–apparently the Walmart-exclusive Marvel Legends Nemesis wave is in some sort of weird limbo where it’s sort of been released, but sort of not.

They’re available for fairly exorbitant prices at CMDStore and an average of $25-$30 on eBay. But from what little I’ve read, there seems to be an impression among collectors that the wave hasn’t actually hit in force yet.

Does anyone know anything about this? Will Nemesis show up in greater numbers, or is this the ML version of the DCUC5 disaster?

I’ll tell you one thing–if Nemesis doesn’t show up in greater numbers and DCUC10 isn’t easy to find, “Walmart exclusive” will become two of the most dreaded words in collectordom.

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  • you mean they're not already after the giant-man debacle? i was biased against the walmart exclusive after that, and see no change in walmart's behavior since to make me hold out any more hope for future exclusives. according to the walmart employees i talk to, they just "get stuff," they don't get to make orders. according to their press releases, they get to place orders, so "keep asking your local store to order these." WTG? and then mattel says "they have to order, so we know what to make & ship." but doesn't it fall on walmart, as part of the "exclusive" deal to have a distribution plan in place and a rough idea of how to determine demand? what is the point of the exclusive deal if they're going to treat it like any other toy they carry? for mattel, it seems like a lose-lose, they get no extra orders placed or a higher profile on the pegs or anything, just fewer toys sold since they're available from fewer outlets. i think next matel Q&A, we need to grill them a tad on the reality of what these exclusive deals actually get them cuz walmart isn't meeting their side of the deal. maybe we could have a panel on this at SDCC… and actually get a walmart rep on the floor to answer for their business practises.

  • The BAF Giant Man fiasco didn't pee me off too much because I didn't want that full wave but it was terrible for US fans and even worse for ML fans outside the U.S. So the DCUC metallo fiasco shouldn't be that surprising. If I didn't get that wave then I was going to call it quits but a buddy from another forum hooked me up. Getting Matteled is nothing new and fans should voice their disapproval by not being so eager to plunk down their cash. The DCUC fans complain and the guys who hunt these to scalp them to us are laughing all the way to the bank. Whatever is supposed to be on the store shelf should just be readily available to the online shops or at that currently useless Mattycollector.com. These are made in a Chinese factory not dug up out of the ground. Make more and make them available starting with series one. I've never had a hard time finding a Mattel Batman movie master or Mattel Pixar Car. Mattel knows what to do to get product to the fans and stay ahead of the scalpers. In the case of DCUC and MoTU they just choose not to $$$$$$$.

  • Don't forget about the Ares wave. That one was supposed to be Wal-Mart exclusive too and every online vendor offering it couldn't get shipments, though now some of them have them at ridiculous prices for any other than Ultimate War Machine, Ben Reilly spider-man, and heroes reborn Iron Man.

  • Yeah, I already dread those words. Me with my meagre lone Riddler and limbless Metallo looking back at me with those sad red eyes that say "Why? WHY?".

    And now I have to expect the same with, most likely, Power Girl, who looks SO unbelievably awesome?!?! And yet I will most likely never see one of her in all of Massachusetts. Ugh.

  • I've been wanting that darn Black Bolt for over a year now I think. I hate Wal-Mart exclusives so much. I just ones near me order them, since Torch and War Machine peg warmed forever. They had ten of those two and nothing else last time I saw them.

  • I don't know what Wal Mart you go to Andrew, but the ones around me couldn't give that wave away, and had them marked down in full boxes on the shelves until they were finally gone. Maybe it would help to, you know, LOOK. And besides it was supposed to be an exclusive. Be grateful any online vendors got them, I'm sure a lot of people wish online sellers had been able to get shipments of DCUC 5. Of course that never stops some people from complaining.

  • An update to my confusing quest. My email to Hasbro from last thursday:

    I've been visiting my local walmart with great regularity since the announcement that the Marvel Legends Nemesis Series of action figures (Nova, Tigra, Beast, Black Bolt, Daredevil, and Punisher) would be Walmart Exclusives. Over the past two months I've been in contact with my local walmart having phone calls and in store meetings with the store and toy dept managers and I've recently been told that they contacted you, Hasbro, and that these items are no longer walmart exclusive and multiple retailers will be carrying these figures.

    All I want to know is, when they will become available and to which retailers. I want to be able to get ahold of this wave of figures as I've missed out on the Ares and Red Hulk waves.

    Its become frustrating to hear about these figures since 2007 and have information change so much and having to go through such great lengths just to be able to get ahold of product.

    They're response this morning:

    Hi *****,

    Thank you for contacting Hasbro, Inc. We appreciate your interest in our product line.

    The Marvel figures you are looking to find are sold exclusively at Wal-Mart stores. They are not available at any other retailer. Please check with your local Wal-Mart store or visit their web site at http://www.walmart.com for availability.

    Again, thanks for your interest!

    WTF! My damn local walmart people lied to me. I'm honestly livid and am going to go speak to whoever is in charge of all the walmarts in my area.

    I do not like being lied to, especially after waiting for this for damn near 2 years.

  • Valo you are in a severe minority i'm afraid. sure most people could stumble upon ultimate war machine, human torch, or spider-man…maybe some of the others…but if you wanted crossbones? that was another matter entirely.

  • I was definitely surprised, as the Target near me seemed to have a pretty good run with the Red Hulk wave. I almost picked up Crossbones a few times because I always liked the character but I gave up on ML because Toybiz couldn't seem to make up their mind about a LOT of things. I would have definitely picked them up for people if I'd known they were hard to come by, but I figured if they were warming pegs here it was probably the same everywhere.

  • Andrew,

    My walmart has had the Ares wave in the clearance aisle for a few months now for $8.00 each. However, I have never seen crossbones, I've just learned if it is a walmart exclusive with a BAF don't let the BAF be what sells you because you will probably not have the chance to purchase the whole wave.

  • I bought my Set off of http://www.toywiz.com! And I work at a wal-mart in Michigan! We never have anything (except Ben10 but that is besides the point). I also have never seen the Ares Series in stores. EVER. I'm stating to think that Hasbro and Wal-Mart do this on purpose. I'm stating to think that all Wal-marts in Michigan do this, and never have their exclusives. (BTW I'm a cashier at Wal-mart, the toy situation IS NOT MY FAULT!!!!) 🙂 I really do like all of the figures in the set and i think it is one of the best Hasbro offerings of Marvel Legends.

    Just remember- Toybiz did all of the things that Mattel does way before DCUC came along!!!

  • "I don’t know what Wal Mart you go to Andrew,"

    So maybe you shouldn't fucking be addressing me at all, since you know jack shit?

    "Maybe it would help to, you know, LOOK."

    Maybe it would help if you knew what the fuck you were talking about before talking shit to me like that? You assume I can fucking go to a Wal-Mart and they'll have rows and rows of these fucking things.

  • I dunno… Back in the Toy Biz days, when I was hunting Marvel Legends, it was rare to find a Wal-Mart that didn't carry the line. Sure, they might not have been up to date, but they at least had the line. Nowadays, both in the case of Mattel's DCUC and Hasbro's ML, I often find Wal-Marts without one or both of the lines.

    I happened to find the Ares wave back around Thanksgiving, when I was in upstate New York. Of the 6 Wal-Marts I hit on a toy run – two had the line. And only the second one had Crossbones (two of 'em; so if you're the guy who found the last remaining Crossbones in Clifton Park: you're welcome). I was up home again a couple of weeks ago, and those Wal-Marts still had War Machines, Torches, and Ben Spider-mans (Spider-men?). So is Hasbro to blame for lame character selection (how many versions of Torch do we need?) and lop-sided packouts? Or is Wal-Mart to blame for sending too many cases to certain stores, while leaving others empty?

    @Esbat: I don't know which of the two to believe; but I'm inclined to believe Hasbro. Let us know if you find out anything else, though.

    Hasbro has generally been pretty good about distribution. Sooner or later their stuff seems to show up (but maybe I've been very lucky). The Red Hulk wave, for instance, seemed to take like 3 months or more from the first reports of it hitting to when it finally got to Targets near me. (And then it was picked over almost immediately, leaving the left over black costumed Wolvies and- was it Union Jack?- to be marked down a few weeks later.)

    That's why this Nemesis wave has been so puzzling to me. I have to think Wal-Mart's involvement screwed it up somehow. Did they lose interest and back out? Perhaps after they received them from Hasbro? So far, it has only appeared at a very few online retailers, right? Did they get them from Hasbro? From Wal-Mart? Did they steal a truck?

    Is it possible Wal-Mart wholesaled the lot out to somebody else? (Thereby leaving it, in Hasbro's eyes, a Wal-Mart wave; while also removing it from Wal-Mart's system?)

    At any rate, I'm in the "'Wal-Mart Exclusive' is already dreaded" camp.

  • The Red Hulk wave was like a typical (back in the day typical) wave should be: sprinling Targets at first, showing up in decent bulk but picked over about 3 weeks later, and ultimately showing up consistently for a period of about 2-3 weeks before leaving shelves, enjoying a shelf-life of about 2 and a half months.

    Now, in my experience, Wal-Mart waves have come in flashes: the TB one showed up in a huge endcap, disappeared in 2 days, showed up in the form of a case a week later, then vanished forever. The Ares wave was worse: I saw the common 4 in mass right when the wave hit, then they disappeared. A month later I found a Vision and Kang, then woosh, gone forever. Never even had a peg: they were set on the top shelf and instantly gobbled up.

    Let's hope Hasbro, Mattel, or both stop pulling this crap. Target and TRU both handle their exclusives infinitely better than that monstrosity (TRU even has their upcoming ML exclusives up for pre-order right now at retail prices).

  • I just assumed that since they're a Wal-Mart exclusive it would help if you looked there? Maybe that's too much for you to handle, you seem to spend most of your day online making condescending remarks to anyone who disagrees with you, so I understand your schedule is tight. Wal-Marts are legion so if you can't find one I don't know what I can do for you.

    As far as allegedly talking shit to you, I'm giving as good as I'm getting. The first few times I ever posted on this page you popped up just long enough to imply I somehow don't know anything as well as you and insulted me without bothering to back up or explain your comments, so don't dish it out if you can't take it perhaps. Or maybe just accept the fact that people don't have to agree with each other but just because someone doesn't agree with you doesn't make it an insult. I went to two Wal-Marts near my home and found them on clearance at both, and Clark has said the same thing. But apparently we can't mention such things without upsetting your delicate sensibilities. This and other sites have been filled to the brim with anger and resentment over the poor handling of exclusives at Wal-Mart by other companies, I'm simply suggesting before joining in that some effort must be made because your perspective is not the only one and doesn't apply for every person as you seem to think it does, and this hobby doesn't need more pointless teeth-gnashing and unpleasantness over TOYS. You lament that online vendors don't have them as cheap as you'd like, well how about some gratitude that at least the option is there, as opposed to the many people who not only never saw DCUC 5 but have no other option but to pay double if not more for them on ebay? But I forgot, I can't speak to you because apparently I know nothing. I'm glad to see you're consistent on one point of view, that anyone who disagrees with you is ignorant or naive.

    If this hobby which is supposed to be FUN is so distressing to you, perhaps you should find a new one, because when someone dares to disagree with you the only response you have is to spit out pointless and childish profanity. But whatever. Clearly I'm wrong, daring to have a different point of view. What was I thinking?

  • The ML version of DCUC5? How about the ML version of the Ares wave? I never saw very many representatives of either of those waves.

  • @Andrew & Valo487:

    Please keep things civil and try to keep the angry swearing to a minimum. Take this discussion to email or something if you need to.

    I'm fine with expressing any opinion, just so long as it doesn't get personal or overly profane.

  • Does anyone remember when the Nemesis wave was first announced? Hasn't it been like two years now? From what I've seen on Fwoosh, from the early adaptors that coughed up for them, they aren't even the best Legends; but I would absolutely buy the whole lot if they ever arrive. (Nova and Tigra are the ones I really want.)

  • I'm so glad I stopped bothering with Marvel Legends. I was one of the lucky ones who found the Giant Man wave, plus variants, in its entirety. I never saw any of the figures again. I can only imagine how frustrating this whole thing is. The whole thing still reminds me of those few cases that got shipped to the midwest for Giant Man.

    But based on what everyone has been saying, I think the problem is on Wal-Mart's end, not Hasbro or Mattel.

  • My apologies Poe, I wasn't trying to start a battle or anything, I simply expressed an opinion which was then responded to in a way very similar to five year olds throwing a tantrum in the toy aisle. Had I known disagreeing with him would provoke that response, I simply wouldn't have bothered, as I post on your site to avoid childishness like that. My apologies.

  • Jestergoblin,

    I remember that wave vividly. As much rancor has been expressed over DCUC 5 and the transition of Marvel Legends to Hasbro, I can't believe no one seems to remember that to complete Giant Man you had to buy a variant of Wolverine when variants were almost impossible to come by in the first place. If Mattel tried something like that now I think someone would put out a hit on Toyguru and Matty(I know they're the same person, haha.) For all the love Toybiz receives now that it's gone for whatever reason I am amazed they got away with that one.

  • Yeah, Walmart distribution is very strange. I live in Western New York, and as I recall I only saw about one case of the Ares wave make it to the Buffalo store, but I found multiples of every figure in Niagara Falls. In fact, I was lucky enough to be able to finish the Red Hulk wave when the NF Target put all their MLs on clearance for reasons I can't fathom. I'm still looking for the Nemesis wave to show up, but thankfully I could care less about the BAF.

  • I was able to complete the NEMESIS wave a while ago although this was the first time I was only interested in the figures (except for Daredevil) rather than the BAF. Seriously, what type of "going away gift" is this guy?? I can think of a couple dozen small BAF's which have more appeal than him!

    I digress.

    However, it appears I'm doomed not to complete the ARES wave!! I've picked up the three figures that are readily available but I can't find the other ones which were high on my list!! I missed KANG when he first came out to poor distribution and it doesn't look hopeful now (unless I want to pay $40+ for each missing figure).

    *sigh* Thanks Hasbro.

    PS: I'd like to buy MATTEL's C&C line however I've been plagued with poor distro on this too.

  • Folk reading my replies will know my song is always 'be thankful you don't live in the UK' we don't have Wal-Mart although they do own the Asda chain and VERY occasionally ML stock turns up. I was able to complete the Mojo wave in one very cheap hit, but I realise that's not a wave a lot of people were really loosing sleep over.

    Strangely enough, the ML Giant Man wave arrived in UK Woolworths stores around 2 years ago along with Apocalypse. I completed Poccy but the GM figures were picked up far too fast for me to complete him, still did score a Captain Britain, one of for the UK contingent!

    As for DCUC, DCSH turned up in Tesco and UK TRU and that was it. DCUC are only available through comic shops like Forbidden Planet.

    If you think you have to pay too much on ebay, try paying the same amount again in postage, that'll hurt.

  • @Catnip (and anyone else who can answer): Did you pick-up the Nemesis wave at Wal-Mart? If so, in what region? I've been wondering if the wave EVER hit a Wal-Mart store.

  • I am almost certain I saw Ultimate War Machine in Forbidden Planet 2 weeks ago. Im in Ireland and as the bloke above said, getting toys here comes down to luck. But if we got something you didnt, let me be the first to say na na na na na na


  • @nerdbot: No, the 3 Wal*Marts nearby rarely have stock and when they do, they're bought really quickly. I relied on my local comic book shop to get that series.

    I paid about $2-3 more than I would at a regular store HOWEVER they sold the variants at the same price as the regular figures (which they rarely do)! I was quite happy as I already had a regular Daredevil & Punisher… plus I liked the paint job on the variant Punisher.

  • @nerdbot: I'm also pretty sure Hasbro is in the right and my Wal-Mart is a sack of crap. Oddly enough there are 3 walmarts in my area and the one that lied to me is the only one who's contacted me back.

    I dont' know why they'd respond to my problem only to spout lies. Why would walmart tell me to look at other retailers for these toys? They don't want my money? Or maybe the manager has a vested interest in keeping them out of people's hands?

    Anywho, I'll keep this comments section updated.

  • This kinda stinks, I was only really interested in a few of the figures, but I really wanted the upcoming Power Girl and Joker figures, only two Wal-Marts in my area ever even have either toyline one's on the opposite side of town and the other is next town over.

    I guess I better start saving up for the Joker, Power Girl, Tigra and Nova

  • Just got off the phone with a Hasbro rep.

    The Nemesis line is listed as "released January 2009 (or 2008 in error on Tigra) as a Wal-Mart exclusive, discontinued April 2009."

    Her first thought was that the line was canceled but, since we know the figures *were* produced and not canceled, something else is going on.

    The operator said that YES – it is possible that the line will be re-introduced as a non-exclusive and the existing cases re-distributed from whatever warehouse they're being held in.

    Such things *have* happened in the past, but there was no way she could know for sure.

    So, I'm thinking that Esbat got good info from Wal-Mart but Hasbro reps are still responding with the limited info in their "customer service" computer systems.

    The fact that the line is suddenly listed as *discontinued* as of this month makes me think the re-distribution will happen soon and the items will be re-activated in the Hasbro system with new SKUs.

    Meanwhile online stores are still selling for $25-75 a figure, and I just lost an eBay auction for a loose Nemesis BAF that went for $96!

  • i think that when these were made oil was at a premium, and now that it's much lower the cost to product ratio is much harder to pass off. red hulk and fin fang foom figures were really slow movers and slmost every figure was available in clearance.

    i think there's less mystery and more greed than we expect.

    why would hasbro not know what is going on with there product? why would wal-mart? isn't the easiest answer they want to sell them for more but can't right now?

  • Well I've got a call coming, sometime this week, with Walmart Corporate regarding the shadiness of my local walmart. If anything I also plan on following up @JEFF's call to Hasbro. I'm going to see what Walmart knows about this situation.

    I really realy want to get my Nova and Tigra.

    I remember when Toyfare announced that Hasbro would be releasing Marvel LEgends instead of Toybiz. That same day I wrote a lengthy feedback email on the Hasbro site about how great a Nova figure would be produce due to his new prominence thanks to the Annihilation storyline.

  • Call has been had:

    I was told, basically, that Jeff is quite right that the exclusive line has been discontinued and is going the way of the Marvel Legends Series 2 2packs, which'll be available through Diamond/Previews, so comic and specialty shops in the Fall of 2009.

  • Oh and any shops that started brokering cases back in Jan/Feb are for non-US retailers and thus why the cost is so damn high.

  • I found the Ares wave by accident. at least the first 5 and found crossbones by pure luck as he was the last one on the shelf. I been told that with the Nemesis wave Marvel is pushing the Legend/wolverine 3 1'4 figures over the 6 inch legends figures now anyways