He-Ro pops up on eBay


Those fiendish Hong Kong sellers have struck again…this time giving us a preview of He-Ro. I won’t link to the auction (I don’t want to encourage them), but it’s not hard to find.

A couple things of note:

  • The gem is red, not green, although we knew this was coming.
  • There’s a heavily stylized Grayskull emblem on the back of the cape

All in all, I can’t wait for this fig.

Paul’s Peg > The G.I. Joe, Star Wars, and Marvel Universe News Brief

Paul here with more Star Wars and G.I. Joe news. This time I threw in a Marvel Universe tidbit, to make it a kind of Hasbro themed…. in a way.


Sideshow’s Exclusive Crimson Cobra Commander
– If you go to San Diego Comic Con this year and want to buy Poe nice gifts, be sure to keep an eye out Sideshow’s Crimson Cobra Commander. Hope you pre-ordered him!

The Creator’s of G.I. Joe Resolute Answer Fan Questions – There’s a nifty video interview with the creator’s of G.I. Joe: Resolute. If you have a burning question about the series, they might have answered it, so check it out.

Alley Viper Review
– My online friend Last Best Angry Man got himself a new Alley Viper and it is amazing. I can’t wait for that dang seven pack to become available… and they better release him in some other form so I can squad build. (I can’t afford to army build.)

Nick Fury Mail-Away Deets – In order to get Nick Fury from the Marvel Universe line of figures, you’re going to have to pay to get Marvel’s online comic subscription service. Strangely enough, Poe offered his insights on these kinds of services recently.

Galactic Hero Max Rebo! – For those of you who like Galactic Heroes, there will be a Jabba’s sail barge cinema scene that features an ultra cute Max Rebo. So awesome.

Review > Giganta (DC Universe Classics)

How do you solve a problem like Giganta? For Mattel, the answer was to split her into a number of smaller parts and package her with the rest of DCUC Wave 8.

Giganta is this wave’s Build-a-Figure, or as Mattel calls it, “Collect and Connect” figure. However you want to phrase it, it means she’s a big toy.

Part of me wishes Mattel and the Horsemen had decided to go with Giganta’s cool modern outfit, but maybe we’ll get that down the line.

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5 Questions With > MisterBigBo

Welcome to the first of what I hope will be many interviews with fellow collectors!

MisterBigBo, who comments here occasionally, is a real-life friend of mine who I’ve actually spent time with in person. He’s taken time out of his busy schedule as a brand-new dad to answer a few questions about his toy collecting.


Codename: MisterBigBo
Base of Operations:
The Commiewealth of Taxachusetts
Regular ‘ole suburban lower middle class kid who grew up in the 80s. Star Wars fan first, but like most boys of that generation I had a healthy action figure collection. I have gone on to become a teacher, a dad, and study traditional Japanese martial arts, but the toys are still there.

1.) What were your favorite toys or toy lines as a child?

Though I started with Star Wars, moved with the trends to Transformers and He-Man for a while, GI Joe was my favorite. The designs and the articulation caused me to stay with the line into junior high, after most of my friends had moved on. As a youngster I had a little of everything: a few M.A.S.K. vehicles, and one or two Sky Commanders, Army Antz, Silver Hawks, C.O.P.S., Centurins, Marvel Secret Wars and D.C. Super Powers, Captain Power, Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos, Battle Beasts, Starcom, Eagle Force. . . those are the faves that I can remember right now . I suppose my tendency these days to collect only one or a few of any given line is a continuation of that trend. Continue reading “5 Questions With > MisterBigBo”