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  • I was eating clicked on your page and caught that out of the corner of eye and just laughed. That is great, Poe.

  • An Oldie but a goodie….

    I am so glad I picked up that figure – it fits in great with my MOTUC shelf. What a shame LCBH bombed-out.

  • It's incredibly useful. I wish there were a couple more sets out there like this one.

    Looking forward to setting up the DCUC JSA in there…

  • I've had that gag bouncing around in my head for years and apparently I'm not the only one. Nicely executed.

    I always thought that it would be just a little funnier with Terminator playing the role in a movie. Threatening people in that accent with overdue books and the like.

    But since you peeked into my brain and stole that one, now I have to go with the backup plan which is "Onan The Librarian," with a patron in the background commenting "Gee, I wonder why the pages are always so sticky at this branch?"

    Maybe that would work with a Pee Wee Herman figure playing Onan.

  • @Izdawiz: Ohhhh, now I want to steal that idea, too! 🙂 I've got a Pee-Wee figure…but I'll refrain if you want dibs.

  • Poe, if I'm not mistaken, didn't you or someone else do a full strip/Figuretoon using that same figure and display?

    The stoic, Cimmerian visage of the Barbarian king is what makes this so hilarious.

  • @OP636: I did. I've been debating whether to make It Figures only Tuesdays and Fridays and make them multi-panel strips, or keep that 1-panel, three-days-a-week ones.

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