Pic of DCUC Brainiac/Superman 2-pack

TNI has an article with photos of the Batman/Clayface and Brainiac/Superman two-packs, with a release date of August.

[UPDATE: Kastor pointed out to me that this was actually posted on Mattycollector(!), so I can make the full-size photo available. Just click below to see it.]


I can’t help but notice Brainiac’s gun, a re-use from DCSH Lex Luthor, doesn’t appear to have a piece of kryptonite in it…still, looking forward to this set.


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  • The Braniac figure leaves me a bit cold alas, I MAY be tempted by heat-vision Supes though.

    Again, Clayface is very tempting and that Batman would be awesome if only it weren't for all the POO!

  • In case you didn't know, there's also a Brainiac figure coming from DC Direct later this year.

  • What´s with the wave one background package art? (The art inside the bubble)

    Agreed, Brainiac´s color scheme is off, not the right green or pink, the DCD HOTDCU nailed it but their body sculpt is rather unfortunate. That Batman blows but the Clayface is one of the best figures I own.

  • I don't recall ever seeing any official word on this, but I assume the classic Hawkman and Hawgirl set has been canceled. Does anyone know this to be certain? If so, I guess I'll try to change my pre-order to the Batman set.

  • BBTS canceled my order for the Classic Hawkman/Hawkgirl preorder some time ago. So yeah, I'd assume that one is not happening.

    But seriously, no kryptonite? It's just gonna have a gap? Lame.

  • I tried to see whether the Kryptonite had just fallen out and was somewhere floating in the package, but there’s no sign of it…