See it and weep, suckas.

Aw HELL yeah. Much thanks to Shocka for finding this for me.



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  • But it doesn't have enough articulation! It needs to be relaunched as Octopus Universe Classics, with ball jointed arms, and based on what toy makers thought an octopus should look like in the 80's.

  • @prfkttear: It was actually a gift from Shocka, whom I now owe at least one blood sacrifice.

    @DMW: My sarcasm detector is off the charts! 😉 He does have some articulation, though–the front two tentacles have cut joints.

  • …did I mention the back of the head is soft and puffy, like an old He-Man head? He even squirts water!

  • I think Mattel should a do an all Aquaman wave, with all kinds of made up outfits, and include a build a ‘pus as the pack in accessory.

  • I want an Octo Mom figure while we are at it. Each kid can be an accessory pack in and the villain of the line can be a fully articulated “babysitter” Michael Jackson. 😉

  • Poe i have taken pictures of the other set that are available here,are you interested?If so how can i send to you the images?

  • @Katar Hol: What animals are in the other set? Because they might be more easily available here, too.

  • Hrm… so how do I get on Shocka’s good side? 😉

    I was at TRU today and checked out the Discovery Undersea Adventures sets or whatever they’re called, and they had one with an Angler Fish, and another with a Lochness Monster-type thing. They were pretty decent looking, but not as cool as a giant f*ing squid!!! They were on clearance for $20, so maybe I can wait till they come down in price or until I have enough cash and don’t have other purchase priorities.

  • They have 5 different set,giant turtle,manta ray,dolphin,giant squid,saw shark.