He-Man Goes Bollywood

I always like to start the day with a little surrealism, so please enjoy “Chahiye He-Man He-Man,” a song from the Indian film Nafrat Ki Aandhi, apparently. Try not to ask yourself whether the main woman is supposed to be Teela or Evil-lyn, or why Orko is wearing a shiny red muumuu, or why this […]

Paul’s Peg > A Truly Great G.I. Joe Custom

The above monster figure is an example of one of the coolest ideas for a custom toy I’ve ever seen and it’s based on something that I hold near and dear to me. You see, the above figure is from an part of a series of episodes of the G.I. Joe cartoon entitled Pyramid of […]

Roundup Review

Sadly, the editor of Fanmode has decided to stop compiling weekly toy reviews. I know from experience that this is a time-consuming task, so I certainly don’t blame him. However, this means I have to decide what to do for PGPoA. I’m not inclined to write my own roundups because, again, it’s time-consuming. So there […]

DCUC9 packaged pics

I’ll let y’all get back to arguing about Transformers 2 in just a second…first I wanted to make sure you’d seen the DCUC9 packaged images Mattel just posted on their Facebook page (note the odd “First time in 6 inch!” on Guardian’s blister…funny!). Enjoy!

Transformers 2 discussion post

I won’t be attending this modern-day penny dreadful, but I know some of you will and might want to write about it, for good or ill. So consider this post your roundtable for Revenge of the Fallen reviews and discussion. Feel free to post spoilers, because I don’t care. Here’s one I can give you […]