Congratulations! You’re a Poester!

OK, I know I said I was going to have a poll about how I would refer to you, my dear readers, but in reviewing your suggestions, I found nerdbot‘s suggestion of “Poester” so perfect that I didn’t want to risk it losing out.

“Poester” conveys pretty much everything I was looking for. It obviously relates well to the site while not sounding too abstract (like “Articulates”), and it has a nice pun on “poster,” which, obviously many of you are when you “post” comments. And it works better than “Poe-ser” (or as I would have spelled it, Poezer), which, while clever, has some obviously negative connotations I’d like to avoid.

Plus, “Poester” sounds like what Richard Laymer, Rob Schneider’s SNL character of  “Makin’ Copies” fame, would call me. And that’s cool, right? Hello?

Anyway, nerdbot, shoot me an email and I’ll reward you with something keen.

(Also: your regularly scheduled It Figures will be late today. I’ve got the day off and I’m busy cleaning the apartment.)


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