It Figures #27


This gag might be a bit obscure these days–if you’re not familiar with it, click here.

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  • It doesn't make hair fall out, it makes it grow.

    Paging Dr. Palmer, Dr. Harry Palmer…

  • dude, if that were the case, my palms would look like buckwheat and don king's chud baby.

    excellent use of the arcane reference poe. and creepy…

  • I'm pretty sure if Dayraven lived in biblical times, Onan and him would have been brothers. 😉

  • I'm already thinking Onan will show up in It Figures again. I'm way too fond of both the gag and the ridiculous figure I chose to represent him…

  • Maybe Onan and Pee wee Herman could exchange tips or do a safety course so that what happened to Kill Bill doesn't happen again. (Cuz the wages of Onanism shouldn't be death.)

  • I've already got two Onan ideas in the pipeline…but you just gave me an idea for another one, iz.

    I think I'll respect the late Mr. Carradine's privacy and take it in a different direction, though…

  • you could violate the late mr hutchence' privacy… he's been dead a good long time of the say *hh-hmm* accident.

    let's just say this dwal, if the story of onan were true, i'd be dead twice today already. 😉

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