It Figures #37 – Aztec Noir


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  • @Fengschwing: That coat was made specifically for Animated Hellboy. You have to buy it separately, but worth it to "complete" the look.

  • Same question as raven — where did you get that Talos?! I totally want that thing so I can put it with Ja-Kal and Rath!

  • how does the coat look on the comic version of hellboy?… i've really been wanting one for mine

  • I love those Harryhausen figures! I've really got to pick some of those up some day, when I have the cash to spare.

  • @dayraven: That Talos is twelve inches tall.

    I've never put that coat on a comic Hellboy because a.) I just got it, and b.) I already own a comic Hellboy with a coat 😉