JLU SDCC Green Lantern pics

What’s this? JLU news on PGPoA? No, your eyes do not deceive you!

Mattel has sent along these images of the San Diego Comic Con JLU exclusive Green Lantern set. Love the packaging.

Warning: As is always the policy here at PGPoA, I am posting the images at the full resolution they were sent to me. The packaging images are huge (4+ Mb each), so I recommend saving them rather than trying to view them here on the site.

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  • Damn! I don't really collect JLU, but I may pick one of these up just for the packaging. I really like that!

  • I'm not much of a JLU guy (I've got a few on my desk at work but that is it) but that is a well done set.

  • Uhhh… why does the back bottom show Hal as a Lantern twice in a row?

    Are all three of the heads interchangeable? That would explain why Sinestro looks completely odd.

  • The heads are interchangable. The pic is showing Hal's head on all 3 bodies.

  • Overall I think the set looks great.

    But what is up with Hal's buzz cut? Of course, we all probably know the whole back-story about the legendary exclusive Hal figure and how Mattel is not allowed to make him again, hence the unmasked look and so on. But I have to wonder: Couldn't they have made him with a more typically Hal Jordan-like hairstyle? He just looks like a generic guy in a jumpsuit.

    But again, I think the set looks great as a whole. And particularly given the rights and permissions issues that I still don't fully understand – I appreciate Mattel's effort to get a Hal Jordan GL out there.

  • Thanks for sharing! this package is cool and I can't wait to add these three guys to my collection!

  • @Nerdbot: They should have made him look like Hal, no doubt. This looks nothing like traditional Hal.

    That said… I'm impressed. I still kind of hate the way this set works out, but I am glad to see that Hal's head DOES fit on the green necks. Originally people were afraid Hal was going to have a human colored neck on the GL body. Kudos to Mattel for working it out proper.

  • I think it was a bad idea to show the fully masked GL Hal on the back of the package since he cannot look like that, as he is modeled after Hal's appearrance in New Frontier I think it would have been better to put an image of him in that on the package, after all the unpleasantness involved with Hal as GL in this line the last thing I would think they'd want to do is remind people of what they can't have.

  • I'm not a MOC collector but it looks like I'm about to break that rule!