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  • I think it may be a relatively quiet day today here on PGPoA–I’m going to take a break after all those DCUC8 reviews and so forth.
  • Since the eBay Hong Kong resellers/thieves once again forced their hand, Mattel has officially revealed the Warrior’s Ring that will come with Tri-Klops.
  • I’ve got better photos of the DCUC Wildcat variant, but I’ve been asked to hold off on posting them until next week.
  • It’s difficult to describe how excited I am that this summer I’ll get not one, but two Monkey Island games–an Xbox Live Arcade special edition of the original game and a brand-new one, Tales of Monkey Island, from Telltale Games. The Secret of Monkey Island is easily one of my favorite videogames of all time–to this day, I’ll still respond to some insults with, “How appropriate–you fight like a cow.”
  • Other games I’m excited about: Metroid: Other M, Crackdown 2, Halo: Reach, New Super Mario Bros Wii.
  • In one of their Q&As from this past round, Mattel claimed they might have DCUC9 on sale on Mattycollector in July. Maybe for preorder, but there is no way DCUC9 will be out in July. I expect the first collectors to get their hands on them (not counting samples) in late August at the earliest. I mean, DCUC8 hasn’t even shown up at retail yet.

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  • Thanks for the news on New Super Mario Bros. Wii. I haven't even finished digesting all of the BotCon news, nevermind E3. All I've heard about so far is Lego Harry Potter and Beatles Rockband. A sequel to NSMB would be great though, and I'm sure theres a LOT more they could do with it on the Wii. I think NSMB is the best game in the Mario franchise since Mario 64. Don't get me wrong, Mario Galaxy was awesome, but I played it for a month or two straight and I've never gone back to it. NSMB you can just pick up at any time, play a few levels and have fun!

    I think it'd be great to get DCUC from Matty… but would it be any cheaper than ordering from Enchanted Toy Chest or CSC?

  • I'm amazed at how long it is taking DCUC 8 to hit retail. Previously retail was getting the waves before collectors or around the same time, but it has been weeks and my local stores still have a mashup of wave 2 and 7.

  • Scott at ETC says he's scheduled to receive the assortment cases in mid-to-late June. I suspect those are the cases that will be hitting retail around the same time.

    The cases received by ETC, BBTS and CSC up to now have mostly been the special order single-packed cases, I believe.

  • Speaking of XBL games, does anyone know when they're releasing Marvel vs. Capcom for download?

  • anyone else here been watching BatB? cuz after that, i want the wilcat variant to come w/ an r lee ermey voice chip.

  • oh yeah, and that ring better be in roughly adult size… cuz i'm friggin wearing mine!!

  • @Dayraven: I love Brave and the Bold And yes, Ermey's Wildcat is awesome, as is pretty much every other character on that show…

  • i'm surprised at how much i'm enjoying the lighter, brighter yet action packed and character faithful BatB series. and my kids dig it too. it's nice that once in a while, bats gets to fight in the daytime, when it's dry, and still gets to do some great stuff. like get sick from chemo exposure and have aquaman and atom inside him cleaning house.

    and like i said, and it seems poe agrees, i'll never hear wildcat's voice in my head again w/o ermey's growl to him. kind of like how every incarnation of casey jones i superimpose elias koteas' face & voice on.

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