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  • Hot Damn! Do you remember when action figures looked like this? When they had unique scultping–tons of it too–and lots of great paint work, lot's of big accessories, and very little shared parts.

  • Hasn't sculpting actually improved over time… ?

    Oh boy, do I want one of these?

  • @Poe: yeah, but now all you get from McFarlane is the same small (5 inch or 2.5 inch) Halo body over and over, or the shrunken down sports lines, which sport far fewer paint apps than in the past. Seriously, my George Gervin is a lot smaller than my Tony Parker, and if you know who those people are, you'll know that is all wrong. NECA is pretty good, but nothing they put out looks as nice as their MOTU stactions, and they don't give you a lot in the way of accessories.

    @PJ: Most companies put far less scultping into their figures than just a few years ago. They use a lot of generic bodies with few sculpted details (e.g. the standard DCUC buck and the ML Bullseye body).

    There was a time when we had tons of well sculpted McFarlane and Stan Winston figures, Toy Biz LOTR, etc.

  • That's… just not true. The companies that have reuse have always had reuse, but the sculpts are still improved from even just a few years back. McFarlene has cut back on their lines and sizzes, but they have not cut back on detail. The LOTR line was good, but it improved as it went along and isn't as dead-on as todays sculpts. Moore Action Collectibles? They are blown out of the water by Today's sculpts. Just look at their Buffy figures vs Diamonds. Diamond is making great sculpts in general, better than a few years ago.