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Paul of Toy Bender and Robot’s Pajamas has offered up an interesting pair of figures I’ve never even heard of for today’s Show and Tell.


These two fellows here are Captain Scarlet and Captain Black from the British television series Captain Scarlet. The show was made by the same people who made the much more famous Thunderbirds, but I’ve always liked Captain Scarlet a lot more. The show features a group of super agents who battle some evil Martians called the Mysterons. Captain Black was once a good guy who was turned evil (and indestructible) by the Mysterons. The same thing happened to Captain Scarlet, but for some bizarre reason he maintained his original personality and therefore he’s on the side of the good guys. This lead to the great gimmick of Captain Scarlet “dying” horrifically at the end of each episode.


I originally acquired them at a comic book convention where Scarlet was in a beat-up box. I made an offer on it and the guy sold me both for less than it would cost for one of the figures. I’m gladĀ  I got them, because they are some of my most favorite toys that I own. What I love about these dolls (they have as little articulation as your average Ken doll) is that they are so dead on to what you’d see on the show. Even better is the fact that each one comes with accessories straight out of the show. Captain Scarlet is armed with the only weapon that will completely destroy a Mysteron agent and Black has a rifle he used for an assassination job. Both of them feature the shows signature removable caps that have a drop down microphone. Almost best of all is that both figures talk! Yep, they spout lines from the show. Captain Scarlet has light up bits on his shoulders just like he’s got on the show.



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  • Very, very cool figures. Captain Scarlet was great, it was repeated regularly over here in the UK up to 2003….even the odd time still. I had a few figures when they revived the series in the early 90's. In fact there was a new series of Captain Scarlet made recently with CGI in 2005, not sure if its still going. Captain Scarlet was so much better than Thunderbirds…..I also liked Joe 90, hated Stingry….never really saw Terrahawks, although I do have some figures, I know its in the same space/ sci-fi vain as Star Fleet….but believe me none of them could touch Star Fleet. If anyone is interested Star Fleet is the UK version of a Japanese puppet show like Captain Scarlet etc. In Japan it was called X-Bomber. It was amazing. The whole series is now available on dvd in the UK. Paul and everyone should check it out…..I hope one day Bandai or some Japanese company releases a more up to date version of the Big Dai-X robot from Star Fleet X-Bomber.

  • I like that Show and Tell has thus far been dedicated to obscure toys.

    This was a hoot, Paul; I'd never heard of the figures, but they're hella cool!

  • Mark: I need to get a region free DVD player to see all this new Captain Scarlet that you talk about. I was so jazzed when A&E Entertainment released Scarlett on a collection over here. I swear I'm the only Yank that bought it. I also want to see that XBomber show ultra bad now.

    Monte and Poe: Thanks. You guys really, really need to see this show. It's so unbelievably violent and awesome and if that doesn't get you this might: All the jet pilots are hot chicks with stripper names.

  • If memory serves me right I think they were called Angels…or maybe that was the main female pilot. The new show seemed big for a while then it seems to have vanished, not sure if its still being produced…Bandai made some pretty cool, really articulated figures…wish I had bought some. The original show had a great intro.

    I wouldn't worry about a region free dvd, you can usually get a region free encyption code for free off the net for free. If you really want I'll sort you out with a copy of the entire series of X-Bomber. Not sure if there is many Captain Scarlet dvds over here must check.

    Also speaking of kick ass theme tunes…Star Fleet was so popular over here Brian May from Queen did a cover of it, on an album called the Star Fleet Project featuring Eddie Van Halen. Star Fllet can be a little slow but it is epic when you watch the entire series.

    Its basically Thunderbirds meets Anime meets Star Wars. Genius.

  • Also, the actual Star Fleet show's closing theme was sang by one o the Moody Blues.


  • What I love about these dolls (they have as little articulation as your average Ken doll) is that they are so dead on to what you’d see on the show

    Not really. The oversized heads are more reminiscent of Thunderbirds than Captain Scarlett, which featured much more realistically-proportioned head-to-body ratios as a result of better puppeteering technology (the mechanisms required to make the eyes and lips move had necessitated the larger heads in the eariler Anderson Supermarionation shows).

    As for the female pilots, they all had code-names with "Angel" in the title; Destiny Angel, Symphony Angel, Rhapsody Angel, Harmony Angel and so forth but Destiny has so far been the only one to get action figures.

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