The Tail of Teela


The Four Horsemen brought a painted 2-up of Teela to Wizard World Philadelphia, complete with its brand new butt (apparently there was an issue with it).

You can see more pics here, and the discussion thread (including speculation on articulation) is here.

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  • Am I the only one who doesn't see much of a difference in her butt? They both look flat.

  • I don't think we've really gotten a good angle of it. Sword of Grayskull's shot is head on, which makes it hard to tell.

    Not that I personally care about this at all. I'm more wondering about the second head, which we haven't seen yet. I hope it's the 2002 head. The 2002 Teela was a pretty significant redesign and, in my opinion, a much better one than the original.

  • Yeah the 2002 hair style was a lot more feminene and much better looking.

    Looks really nice.

    I am not saying this to start a row, only my opinion…seeing this figure makes me really happy that I did not pay the rediculuos prices for the 200x version to complete my collection….this figure is miles better.


  • Teela is such a nice figure the more I study her…could be one of my favourites from the line. Especially like the detail on the boots.

  • @Poe: I don't really care that much either, but if people are going on about a sexier behind, it's a little confusing when you don't see one.

  • Wow… this was a nice surprise on a Saturday morning, er, afternoon. I thought her posterior looked fine. I'm more interested in how the head/armor works out. I wonder if its safe to say that we're getting Teela this year? If they already have this prototype, they've prolly been working on her for a while, and Evil-Lyn must not be too far behind then either!

  • I'm sure they'll make a Moss Man eventually, but I'm not sure if he'll be fuzzy… what the 200X version fuzzy?

  • The 2002 version was indeed fuzzy, but man would I rather the new one was just green–with a new head–rather than being flocked. I hate flocked action figures.

  • I can't wait to see Evil-Lyn now! Teela is amazing! I'm glad the sword from 2002 is included. I wonder if Evil-Lyn will have her dagger!

  • Yeah. I'm hoping for a de-fuzzed version as well… it tends to deteriorate rather fast. He probably won't be fuzzy, though, since none of the other action features have returned as of yet.

  • Excellent looking figure; I really can't wait for her. She has been confirmed for this year, so we will have her by Christmas. I have read that the extra head will just be one without the snake armor, as the snake armor is attached to the head. I'm 99% sure that was official, and not fan speculation. Even if the extra head is not 2202 style, it'll still be similar, as the 2002 head was basically a better-implemented version of the original design(longer ponytail, etc.). I would like the armorless head to have red hair, however, as the head we've seen is a brunette. It'd be extra awesome if they included a blonde head as well, so people could have whatever Teela they wanted!

  • I hope the armour is not attached to the head, but either way its still awesome.

    I wonder if the loin cloth area is attached like the other figures or if it is moulded as part of the body. I hope and would assume it is atached like the others.

  • Looking good! She's no Trap Jaw, but I'm still looking forward to getting her.

  • It looks like we've got a new female body type for the MOTU line. Hopefully this means a Sorceress or a She-Ra for fans of the line in the future.

  • This is the first figure from this line I've seen that I really like.

    I'm not a massive MotU fan, but this figure is lovely.

  • @Nightboomfer: Mattel has said we're getting one POP character next year, which probably means She-Ra.

  • I am not a POP fan, some figures wil be cool. I winder if Catra will be a single figure or a boxset with her cat form.

  • one of the primary reasons I passed on albino man-bat was not wanting to deal w/ the flocking on his back

  • My original Moss Man is like Lint Man now… he's picked up pretty much everything… I could use him as a lint brush! I'm with Poe, I'm all for just a green colored skin, maybe a nice wash to accentuate the details in the sculpt.

  • A bit off-subject here, but wasn't this weekend Wizard World Philadelphia? And, isn't Philly Wizard's TOY-oriented convention?

    I mean, it's great we're seeing a painted Teela. But I haven't been able to find any other news on any new stuff. Are they saving it all for comic-con?

    I say this now, but of course, there will be exclusive pics in Toyfare.

    It just bums me out. I mean there is no toy news this weekend, or comic news this weekend. It just goes to show you, the only convention worthwhile is SDCC.

  • I'm surprised we got this nugget. Wizard World is barely a blip on the radar compared to SDCC. Only having been to the one WW held in Boston, I can't speak for Philly, but I wasn't very impressed. It mostly seemed like vendor-con, with a few booths and Lou Ferigno.

  • I'll have a few photos of the Four Horsemen booth tomorrow (courtesy of fellow blogger Doubledumbassonyou–but you're right, there doesn't seem to have been a whole lot of toy news out of WWP, other than NECA getting the rights to Bioshock. Oh, and apparently they've sold more Edward Cullens than Marcus Fenixes. Shame on us all.

  • I know I'm not the only one who wants a Big Daddy figurine. If they can figure out a way to make its eyes change color, I'm so biting. Those things are just awesome.

  • Mossmna needs to be flocked…that would be like Grizzlor not having fur. Unthinkable. One thing….I wish they would make the cloaks out of cloth.

  • i love teela's sword, great add-in. i think it would be a travesty to have included that, but not offer a 2002 head. i'm hopeful they feel the same.

    that said, i don't see an improvement to the butt. the few side photos i've seen from philly still look flat assed to me. but that's not as disturbing as the lack of ab crunch. what, teela can't tie her own boots? why the hell not? i'm secretly hoping this isn't a finished proto and this is the "pre-fix" teela.

  • Great to see Teela as the figure for September figure! So now its He-Ro in August and then her in September! I might have to pre-order at BBTS though. If they let people know when those preorders start lol and not do a complete phantom sale like with Hordak, Man At Arms, and Tri-Klops.

  • um, not quite there michael lovrine… MAA is in july, he-ro is (currently) slated to go up aug 3, tri-klops is aug 15, and barring official statement from matty, webstor is the september figure and teela's official date has not yet been announced. i know the interview w/ cornboy said teela in sept & webstor in oct, but matty hasn't said that yet, they have solicited webbie for sept and have not yet officially solicited teela.