Variant DCUC Wildcat photos

Here are some high-res photos of the blue variant DCUC Wildcat from Wave 9. Oh, and a pic of the DCIH Anti-Monitor’s packaging. (The pics are big, so you may want to right-click and save them.)

Love that third pic–looks like he’s doing “Smoke on the Water” on air guitar.


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  • I'm still annoyed by this dumb variant. I don't care so much if he's black or blue, but both? Where's my Manhattan Guardian? Unmasked Deadshot? Golden Age Black Canary?

  • I like this variant as much as the black version–if anything, I kind of wish they'd only made one or the other so I wouldn't have to decide.

  • Wow those pix are big! 🙂

    I kinda like the variant. I'm not a huge fan of all black toys. You really can't enjoy the sculpt on it. Take Black Manta for instance (I know the character is all black) but it hides a lot of the sculpt and details on the figure.

  • Maybe a darker, midnight blueish color on this variant instead ??? Either way, its got a great head sculpt, they nailed Ted Grant's lined / square-jawed face…..

    @ Newton Gimmick – I mistakenly thought Charles Napier did his voice in the JLU episode The Cat & the Canary – but Dennis Farina it is!! Thanks!

  • I agree with Tear. There's too many all-black costumes as it is. I prefer the blue.