No, it’s not an announcement about the October MOTUC figure–it’s walking Alcoholics Anonymous PSA Mickey Rourke as supervillain Whiplash in Iron Man 2.

I loved Iron Man. I liked Rourke’s performance in Sin City, and while I haven’t seen it yet, I’m sure he deserved his Oscar nomination for The Wrestler. I have faith in Rourke and IM2 director Jon Favreau.

But I’m sorry–Whiplash looks like an over-the-hill biker who took a spill off his Harley and wound up in traction (basically my dream version of Wild Hogs). What’s with Marvel’s new obsession with making their movie villains look so lame?

Here’s hoping this is just some early, temporary outfit before he cleans himself up. ‘Cause if not, the action figure of this dude is going to be about as exciting as Deadpool‘s.


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  • That's the only assumption I can make. It looks like he's at a Speedway, anyway, and he's got a chest device similar to RDJ's. . . so I wouldn't be surprised if this were an early, jury rigged version of whatever his final costume will be, powered by Stark's technology. (Which would be following a little from Armor Wars. Besides, Whiplash was never that menacing or interesting looking to begin with. I would have preferred Titanium Man but that would have been way too close to the first movie.)

    The first Iron Man turned out so well I'd be surprised if they screwed the second one up that badly. On the other hand, Spider-Man 2 was really fantastic and 3 was a total waste of time. Still, I'm totally optimistic and I can't wait.

  • Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

    Well, maybe I'm overreacting.

    I'm with Frowny in thinking/hoping this is an incomplete Whiplash. And I have (at the moment) faith that Favreau and company won't blow it by making that sleek CGI Iron Man fight a motocycle accident victim.

  • What's with the hair BTW? Is it in Rourke's contacts now that his hair-stylist has to be Dog the bounty hunter?

  • I don't think there's even a faint possibility this is his entire costume. First, they just wouldn't show it yet. And there is no way that someone wearing a simple harness would be going against a fully armored superpowered hero.

  • I'll have to get off my lazy butt and scan 'em, but Whiplash's costumes in the comics were nothing to write home about either…also, I do believe Whiplash is currently dead in the Marvel U, so anything's an improvement for the poor sod.

  • Whiplash? Ah jeez, for some reason I was thinking of Whirlwind. Didn't Whiplash have a cape and a topknot? Whirlwind would've been cooler.

  • IM was so good, surprisingly so, that i was never-ending defending it as being as enjoyable to me as the Dark Knight was, but this could collapse my whole case.

    Hope this had better be some sort of Villain-in-progress kind (that gets filled out by blue screen goodies) of idea cos it currently stinks.

  • @Finkrod:

    As shocking as it is, Whirlwind was always more of an Ant-Man/Giant Man/Goliath/Yellowjacket and the Wasp villain before he became an Avengers villain. He started as the Human Top, much as the Trapster was originally Paste Pot Pete.

    I actually really dig the early Hank Pym adventures, even if it was obvious he couldn't carry a book by himself from the beginning.

  • When I heard that Whiplash would appear in Iron Man 2, I must admit I had to visit the Marvel database to refresh my memory as to who he is. According to the Marvel site, he is Mark Scarlotti. According to IMDb, rourke's character is named Ivan. So who knows what they are up to with this version of Whiplash – it might be an entirely new character, or an amalgam of 2 or more Marvel universe b-listers.

    I'm just hoping for the best with this one. I loved Iron Man. Thus far, it is my favorite superhero/comic book movie. Batman Begins, by the way, is a close second. I really hope the success of Iron Man has not created pressures that will lead to an overwrought, bombastic train wreck of a sequel (as I believe happened with The Dark Knight).

  • My reaction to this: whatever. Honestly, you can't really compare this to Deadpool. Movie Deadpool was a drastic redesign of both appearance and characteristics of a beloved and popular character. This is a less-drastic redesign of appearance (as of now) of a G-list villain that nobody has thought about in 10 years. When Whiplash was announced, I didn't expect the movie version to look remotely like the classic version, considering how corny and oddball that version is. Deadpool, on the other hand, was much more easily adaptable, but was not for…some reason.

    On top of all this, I highly doubt Whiplash is going to be Iron Man's main villain (why would we see him so early?) I think we'll probably still get Titanium Man or Crimson Dynamo or whatever, and Whiplash will function as a side villain.

  • As I've said, I have quite a bit of faith in Favreau & Co. I just found the release of this particular pic as an early press photo…interesting.

  • To me this really looks like them just testing out the suits technology (like when stark was designing the repulsors for his hands in the first movie). I mean, he looks like he is in prison in this shot. I will hold judgement, and I think Favreau has enough love of the comics to make this right in the end.

  • haha "What’s with Marvel’s new obsession with making their movie villains look so lame?" really? you never saw Spiderman, Daredevil, all the costumes looked ridicules

  • i recently read an interview with Rourke and the character he's playing, Ivan, is a russian and a prisoner. i've got a feeling that he's going to be the Crimson Dynamo

  • How the hell is a guy who fights with whips supposed to pose any kind of threat to Iron Man? Couldn't he just kinda pick him off from a distance, or drop a car on him or something? "Damn you Iron Man! If you you were only a few inches closer, I'd make you pay with my mighty LASHES OF DOOM!!!"

  • Im sure Mickey Rourke will just depress the hell out of Tony Stark, playing that once a true terrifying villan now just a has-been whiplasher.

  • Of course, comic Whiplash was even goofier looking. Other than perhaps Iron Monger, All of Iron Man's villains have looked pretty silly.

    Clark: Actually, he appears to be at a racetrack, but he might me wearing prison jumpsuit pants.

  • I always thought Titaninum Man & Crimson Dynamo were kinda cool. But aside from them I would've went with…..