Wizard World Philly Roundup


First off, my immense thanks to Doubledumbassonyou for kindly taking some photos of the Four Horsemen’s WWP booth for you to enjoy. Let’s all thank him and, more importantly, click the link and stop by his blog for a spell.

There wasn’t a whole lot of toy news from Mattel or the Four Horsemen, as they’re saving that up for SDCC, but I was able to dig up a few nuggets of information here and there. They also had prototypes of Teela, Webstor, and DCUC Question on display, as well as Egon and Ray from Ghostbusters. (You can find some photos of Teela in the gallery below, and visit Pendragon’s Post for more).

DDAOU says, “When I asked [the Four Horsemen] about [Ghostbuster Peter] Venkman, they said “it’s done, we just can’t find Bill [Murray] to approve it … he’s kind of squirrely when it comes to licensing.”

Meanwhile, over on the TNI forums, “The Great Bandito” gives this WWP report:

I spoke with Cornboy, told him how much I loved pretty much everything they do and then playfully tried to get some new info out of him.

1. He might have been wrong about release dates but he told me Hordak was June’s release, MAA was July’s, He-Ro was the con release, Tri-Klops was the August release, Teela was September’s, and Webstor would be October’s. He would not reveal November and December.

However he did say that November’s release would be a huge surprise that no one would see coming. He also went on to say that it should be more of a deluxe release. I don’t know what that means specifically and he would not elaborate. I think he realized that was something he shouldn’t have said and sort of clammed up after that.

2. The base body type for female characters in the MOTUC line were not the same as those used for DCUC. The completed Teela figure on display proof of this, as the hips are wider and the thighs thicker that the Hawkgirl figure also on display.

3. Webstor was also on display and looked fantastic. I did not ask any questions about him though.

4. Both of the 2-ups for Egon and Ray were on display, but not behind glass. They looked fantastic and you could see the articulation. They will not have all the same POA that DCUC and MOTUC have. He characterized them as more of a collectible piece and not toys.

5. Bill Murray has NOT yet officially approved his likeness. Cornboy told me that he heard Murray saw and liked the prototype but they need him to sign off before the figure can be made. There didn’t seem to be any worry in his voice about this and Mattel is going forward with production. Strangely enough, Dan Akroyd does have the legal authority to approve the figure although he won’t do so. The 2 up for Winston will be on display in San Diego.

6. The 12″ figures are NOT made by the Horsemen. In fact they had nothing to so with them. It’s all Mattel on them.

7. Even he has trouble finding DCUC at retail.

I did not attend any panel discussions b/c no one really shows up at WW Philly unfortunately. Case in point, DC and Marvel were both no-shows. I do have some pictures and will try to upload them later.

A “deluxe” November MOTUC figure no one will see coming? Let the fanboy speculation begin! Some He-Man.org readers are hoping for Count Marzo. Am I the only one who doesn’t find that guy very interesting? I mean, compared to lots of other possibilities…I’d love to see something like Eldor, Scare-Glow (with a clear body and a glow-in-the-dark skeleton), or Tytus or Megator.

The other really interesting news comes from NECA, who have acquired the rights to Bioshock. Having recently played the game for the first time, I can say I’m almost certainly in for at least one Big Daddy. They also got the rights to make figures of Army of Two.

According to this article, Randy Falk (NECA’s Director of Product Development and de facto spokesman) says that they’ve sold more Edward Cullen figures from Twilight than Marcus Fenixes from Gears of War. Given that the Twilight figures have been out for maybe six months and GoW first hit nearly two years ago, it looks like NECA has found a good way to stay afloat in these uncertain times™. They’ve got the license to the sequel, too, so remember to thank Edward–and those legions of Twilight fans–when you’re opening your Bioshock Big Daddy.

Also, the second wave of Terminator 2 figures, which includes the ridiculously awesome T-800 with the shotgun, grenade launcher and minigun, hits in August. The second wave of Street Fighter figures, featuring Chun-Li, Akuma and Guile, will be out in July.

Marvel also had a panel that was all about the 6″ Marvel Legends, featuring Jesse Falcon. Three new Legends were revealed: Warpath, Multiple Man and Lady Bullseye(?). You can read a full report here. 16-18 6″ Legends next year? I’ll believe it when I see it, but if true, bravo, Hasbro.

Before I forget, my thoughts on Teela: It’s great that she comes with the 2002 sword. As sculpted, she’s a great update of the original figure, but I do hope she comes with the 2002 head. I’m curious to see her articulation in action, however, as she appears to be a bit more limited than her male counterparts (hard to tell from a proto, though).

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  • DMW prooves exactly why Marvel Legends is in the dumper. Even if Hasbro hit nothing but 5 star homerums from now until 2020 people would still bash them. Interestingly the same people who applaud DCUC for doing some of the same things. Not a shot at you btw, DMW, just an observation.

    I am already tired of the speculation on what the "deluxe" figure surprise will be in MOTUC.

    On Ghostbusters, I find it hilarious that Bill Murray is so difficult to get ahold of. Not so much that Mattel can't do it, but that people in general typically say that… Yet I still constantly see Murray making cameos in movies. Like, TONs of cameos. Someone can get ahold of him.

  • Webstor looks great! It sucks that I'll have to skip him! I'd much rather have Teela! Can't wait to find out the November & December releases!

  • I think the issue with Bill Murray is that he won't sign the papers. They can probably find him, but he probably avoids them when it comes to signing the release.

    I've always been more of a DC fan, so I'm biased, but ML doesn't hold water next to DCUC. I've seen some pretty cool figures in ML, but DCUC hasn't produced a terrible figure (designwise) yet. I've noticed the for-sale figures are always a little different than the prototypes, so I wouldn't worry about The Question.

  • @griffin: I'll have to see better pics before I can judge those figures. Warpath looks like he might be pretty good though.

    @The Flash III: from what I've seen, the DCUC prototypes are WAY nicer than the actual figures we get. I mean the Wonder Woman prototype was GORGEOUS, but the figure in hand is ok. I can't imagine the figure Question being better than the proto.

  • How much will these marvel legends cost is the question. I’m excited for Multiple Man, and for an Inhuman to go with Black Bolt. I’d prefer Medusa. Damn that’s exciting news. But given that the Nemesis wave is impossible to find I’ll try not to get my hopes up.

    My hope for the delux November release is a collapsable Horde Trooper. I’d buy three at least.

  • Some thoughts…
    Yes Poe, you are the only one who doesn’t find Marzo interesting. Ok, not really, but 200X Marzo is one of the coolest designs in all of MOTU, IMO.

    Teela looks really good. I only hope that she’s short enough to fit in with the 200X figures, since they are my “true” MOTUC collection, not my MOTUC figures.

    The thing that I don’t like about the Question is that it looks like his suit lapels are not sculpted past his trenchcoat, which makes it look weird.

    I wish I could get excited about Marvel Legends, but most of the ones Hasbro have released have been awful. Crappy sculpts, tons of re-use, minimal paint apps, few or poorly done weapons. Yuck. At least DCUC has good sculptors.

  • I was thinking the same thing about the Question figure that Dead Man Walking pointed out. It’s an uncharacteristically sloppy detail from the Horsemen.

  • @Newton Grimlock: I probably just have higher standards when it comes to sculpting an paint than most; and I don’t really care about articulation as much as most people.

    Honestly though, I think Toybiz ML is one of the most overrated series ever. And believe me, I own like 100 of them, mostly ’cause I loved the Marvel universe and had to get all the characters available.

    Now there were a LOT of great figures in the line, but nearly as much garbage. I mean the anatomy on some of the figures is ridiculously bad. The scales were often way off, often the paintwork was crap (I’m looking at you Falcon).

    Still, I think Habsro has taken it to the next level of mediocre. Now I will give them credit when they make a good figure. The Hasbro Thor was AWESOME. Spiral is better than 90% of the females Toybiz did, although she sorely needs more paint apps.

    Still, I don’t expect ML to produce more than 1 or 2 good figures per wave.

  • @Dead Man Walking- If you follow the link for the ML news, the pics of Multiple Man and Warpath look pretty good. I like the reuse of the Hulkling/Crossbones body. That’s already 2 out of 3 good figures, which ain’t bad.

  • @The Flash III- Kid flash wasn't a failure for you? He's probably the exception that proves the rule because I can't think of any other one designed as poorly, except maybe for Starfire.

  • The question isn't that bad. He's not much of a visually appealing character (compared to, for instance, his doppelganger, Rorschach). I think a lot of people are turned off by his blue suit, but it's true to the original look of the character. It's definitely a "classic" interpretation.

    One thing I am wondering though – is the hat removable, and the BIG question(no pun intended): Is there an ab crunch under that shirt?

  • Actually – after looking at it, it looks like the Question's inner shirt/coat is an extra soft piece that might possibly go OVER the ab-crunch, concealing it and making it look more like a real suit, so that the plastic piece bends with the joint.

    If that's the case, I think it's a pretty cool idea. We'll have to see.

  • lol, hardly any DC/Mattel news at all is right! might as well renamed it Marvel World Philly.

  • I think that the Ghostbuster figures are awesome. Cant wait to get all Four of them. The most exciting news for me is the Marvel Legends. BRING EM BACK AND MAKE THEM GREAT AGAIN. I have some advice,: NO MORE WOLVERINES! we have enough. And Iron Man. Although, i like the hall of armour thing. I am thinking the Inhuman will be Crystal. That seems the logical choice. (Although i will be happy with any of them). Polaris to go with Multiple Man, and Hepzibah to go with Warpath, If only we should be so lucky. 🙂

  • OMG, you guys are crazy xD

    How can you even tell if the lapels aren't sculpted under the trenchcoat?

    How can you tell of if the shirt is made of ultra-flexible material?

    Isn't that a 2-UP, not the final?

    If you guys have seen it in person, then I'm sorry, but otherwise, I'm gonna keep snickering xD

  • Oh yeah, and I forgot my disclaimer: I'm not trying to be rude, I just found your guys' comments funny, I hope that really is a flexi-shirt :]

  • griffin–as soon as I hit "post" on my comment, I looked at my figures and saw Kid Flash–good call. I don't think the sculpt is bad, but they definitely screwed up the scale. It would've been nice to be able to put him with Robin, Starfire, Nightwing, and Cyborg and not look like he's 8 years old. I didn't buy Starfire because she looked awful.