Off for the weekend

Dr. Mrs. Ghostal and I are off for the wilds of New Hampshire to celebrate our one-year anniversary. (If you’re good, maybe Paul will toss up a post or two while I’m gone.) I’ll be back bright and early Monday morning to “celebrate” He-Ro Day. Until then, may your joints be tight and your paint […]

Mattel on bonus figures & the subscription

I know a number of you asked why Mattel couldn’t include bonus figures in the subscription in the Ask Mattel thread, but I hadn’t planned to include it in my questions because 1.) I was certain every other site would ask, and 2.) I was fairly certain the answer would be boilerplate.

DCUC Wave 11 up for preorder at EE

Entertainment Earth has Wave 11 up for pre-order: Set of all 10 figures (including WGSH Batman, Superman and Flash) The Question Deadman Katma Tui John Stewart Cyborg Superman Steppenwolf (both variants) Shark Also – a few Wave 9 singles: Green Arrow Black Canary Wildcat (no word on variant) Mantis (no word on variant)

Another chance at Gleek

Many (most?) DCUC fans will never own a Gleek. It’s a sad fact of life. But anyone registered Fwoosh members have one last chance (aside from eBay, of course) to win a Gleek: Gleek Week – Mattel and Fwoosh Powers Activate! Notes: You need to have been a registered Fwoosh member prior to Monday, July […]