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  1. While I definitely applaud Mattel's efforts to make Gleek more available (albeit in evidently miniscule quantities), it seems to me this is only going to exacerbate the situation.

    Then again, short of including Gleek with the Twins wide release and ensuring proper distribution, I'm not sure there is much damage control Mattel can do.

  2. @QV: is this even a Mattel contest? it could just be something the fwoosh is doing for their members…

    I wonder if I ever signed up for fwoosh… its never been a place i've frequented much… 😉

  3. @prfkttear

    Yeah, the link says it was "a coordinated effort from Mattel’s Scott Neitlich (aka Toy Guru) and your very own Fwoosh Faithful," and later clarifies the Gleeks came from "Toy Guru himself."

  4. gotcha… if this is a "make good" gesture… its sorta like trying to fix a severed limb with a band-aid.

  5. Not that I'm interested in the toy, it would have been nice to open it up to everyone, or arrange more smaller contests with many different sites.

  6. @prfkttear – yep,exactly right but while severing another limb.

    How will all the other Mattel covering websites react to Fwoosh getting this? – our lines are open and you be the judge………..

  7. he-man.org needs to get over it. I've always hated people that whine about someone else's good fortune, and that kind of behavior is the sort of thing that will put them pretty low on Mattel's list.

    Now, I do think it was kind of stupid of Mattel to say "Oh we've got some more gleeks we'll give away" after people attending the Con were turned away. Better to either do the giveaway BEFORE the con, or just leave their names and association off it entirely.

  8. Mattel handled their exclusives 100% wrong this year, and there's nothing they can do now to fix it. That said, those guys on he-man.org are crazy – they have a petition going asking that the Wonder Bread He-Man come with a *sliced* bread accessory rather than a loaf.

  9. …aaand it looks like that thread is actually a joke. Still, they get worked up over some weird stuff.


    Can't log into Fwoosh and get message 'You are not authorised to read this forum.' – I've been a member for years!

    Why doesn't 'Matty' add remaining Gleeks to the matty.com orders? Why wasn't I able to get one at ComicCon in the first place as they had run out of Gleeks before they ran out of Wonder Twin sets.

    I have no longer have any joy in collecting any of mattel product and am sticking it all on ebay. I'm out!

  11. So Mattel didn't hook He-Man.org up with something not He Man related. . . and this is a reason to bitch. . . why? If it were He-Manandthewondertwins.org I could maybe see getting irritated, but that's just looking for excuses to bitch about Mattel.

    Now, about DCUC wave 5. . .

  12. Admittedly it is pretty awful that people *at* Con couldn't get Gleek with their Wonder Twins and now they have more of the little blue bugger.

    Good for fwoosher's though I guess…

  13. they have a petition going asking that the Wonder Bread He-Man come with a *sliced* bread accessory rather than a loaf.

    It seems that ever since the 4H tweaked Teela's booty, that the .orgers feel as though Mattel/4H will submit to their every whim. Its one thing to provide input, but these petition/demands are a little much if you ask me!

    @Frowny: He-Manandthewondertwins.org LOL!

  14. The sliced bread petition is a joke, making fun of all the damned petitions that sprouted up over there in the wake of SDCC.

    The "resculpt Battle Cat's paws" petition had me rolling my eyes. The Horsemen responded to their request for a better Teela ass and they went power-mad.

  15. Understood, I thought that when Paddy said it was a joke he meant something not to be taken seriously, not an actual practical joke.

    But yes, I thought the whole thing about Battlecat's claws was a bit much…

  16. They aren't upset because they didn't get Gleek. They're upset because the site owner had asked for some of the SDCC He-Ros (he'd gotten exclusives from them in the past) and they turned him down. They're annoyed that some other site got what they wanted and they didn't.

  17. yeah pretty much everyone on the .org, including myself, thought the guy taht wanted to get the paws resculpted was nuts in the heads.

    i am also a lil annoyed at all the "start a petition to…" threads. not EVERYTHING from the shade of eyesbrows to the shape of a cape needs to be nitpicked ya whiney lil brats!! lol

    they are making the rest of us he-fans look bad.

    i am happy that the fwoosh was able to get some extra gleeks. hopefully i can get one. i am gonna enter that contest NOW!!!! cause i need one for my wonder twins.

    hell i am the one that started a thread begging for the wonder twins on the fwoosh lol.

  18. I got a Gleek from the Fwoosh giveaway! And I was actually glad I could pass on the exclusive set this year. *Sigh*. Still, I'm not complaining. I NEVER thought I would get Gleek, and I am PSYCHED I didnt have to wait 4 hours in line or pay a ridiculous price on ebay for one. Thanks fwoosh!

  19. Well fairs fair, Having followed this subject up with a few Orgers it seems the source of the discontent isn't that Fwoosh were able to do something for their fans with Toy guru's help it's about the arbitrary nature of Mattel's "help" on any given issue and totally shining the Org on the issue of the Art-Book. The site-owners offered their assistance in getting a non-limited version of the book going. This was given a "not a chance" response from TG and co.

    I've got my own issues with what the Org does and doesn't whine about- nobody fronting Matty at the Con about their shamless fuck-ups as a good example – but this issue isn't one I feel they have whined about without some cause.

    If you are the biggest and most organised fan specific site on the Net and the Company you are giving all the free publicity too wants to totally ignore you on the basis that " they don't do that kind of thing" and then clearly they do somewhere else then I think they can whine a litle about a double standard.

  20. yeah the fact that NO ONE brought up any of the problems during the matty panel proves that

    A. they are all perplexed after seeing shiny new toys

    B. are a bunch of gutless wimps in real life and feel like sucking up when they get a chance by only saying glowing things

    C. the problems talked about are in actuality not a real problem for the most part and are really only a problem for a VERY VOCAL MINORITY which is the case on some(but not all) things at times.

  21. I think the gleek problem was very real. I tried to shop at the booth Thursday of the con. I was denied entry into the line but given a pass to come back on Friday at 3. Gleek was already gone when I got to the booth.

    I didn't make a scene about it– sold out is sold out– but plenty of people around me were angry, and I'd like it if Matty would give us a real 2nd chance at the little fellow.

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