10 thoughts on “DCUC Wave 11 up for preorder at EE”

  1. All I know is that if I don't get my hands on the Walmart exlusive wave #10 there's no way I'm plowing deeper into this line. It was kinda fun to run around looking for variant Marvel Legends figures a few years ago but a disaster chasing what are supposed to be mainline DCUC figures and even worse (if that's possible) hunting down DCUC Walmart exclusives. The scalpers are having an absolute field day with each and every DCUC wave and the Walmart exclusives are a real money windfall. If these are really for the fans then require your retail partner to make them available at their online store (even at the 1 per customer limit) in addition to supposedly stocking them at retail.

  2. @Rich: " if I don’t get my hands on the Walmart exlusive wave #10 there’s no way I’m plowing deeper into this line".

    I think a lot of people feel this way. Whats the point in owning Batman and his Rogues gallery if you don't have a Joker? Unfortunately, the old DCSH don't cut the mustard, especially when compared to the new version.

  3. My DCSH Joker is in a trade bin but I better fish it out just in case. DCSH was never a picnic finding at retail which prompted me to go online for every DCUC wave they put out. A pal in another state hooked me up with the infamous Metallo wave so that kept me in the game so far. I can't stomach the thought of the Mattel rep advising us (fans) to again "ask the sales clerk at your favorite retailer to order product". 9 times out of 10 its those clerks who intercept this stuff in the stockroom if it does show up so they can fence it on ebay. If Matty can gouge $30 per shipped MOTUC figure then they can work with their exclusive wave retailer to take pre-orders online for SiteToStore pickup. SiteToStore ordering is one of the few things Walmart does well. Eh, Mattel learned how to screw fans via Walmart from Hasbro.

  4. You can't pre-order Wave 10 anywhere it seems except one place possibly. Toywiz.com. They had Wave 5 pre-orders open for weeks until it "sold out". Be caraeful when dealing with them though. I've heard stories of people have bad experiences but they apparently have a good overall track record.

  5. I'm just going with both Steppenwolfs(Steppenwolves?). The rest of this wave is mediocre in my opinion. And that Shark fig is totally blech!

    And I'm with the rest of you, if wave 10 is anything like wave 5, I'm about done with DCUC.

  6. These things are getting near costing twice what they're worth to me. I think I'm done.

    To my mind, these are still $10 figures. I could rationalize spending $12 per figure (either at retail, or on-line as a set with shipping factored in). I just can't justify $17 (or more if bought individually) *before* shipping.

  7. @ frowny mcbeard:I just looked at the ee picks advertising the wave 11 case and it looks like we get a regular wgsh short-haired supes.

  8. Just got e-mail from Big Bad Toy store …singles from Wave 11 priced at 16.99?!!!! Oh well DCUC it was nice knowing you…

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