It Figures #45


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  • Mattycollector could make a mint by offering a Matty doll that has velcro so you could rip off and reattach his limbs and head at will.

  • @misterbigbo: I posted like 2 months ago that on the next Mattel Q&A Poe should ask "What the hell is Matty smirking at?" Also why he looks like Jim J. Bullock.

  • Oh man… I almost punched him… Er my computer screen. For GLEEK you bastard!!

  • I'm sure he's thinking- now, home many more MOTU art books do I need to prop up my statue…. That's what I think anyway. And to think I wanted to start collecting toys again. Not so sure with him around!

  • Darn how many more* haha sorry about that. Was that scalping bit with the art books ever confirmed by the way?

  • I never heard confirmation on the art book scalping but I've talked to a few different people now who were there and feel something fishy was going on.

  • How many Cons before the guy playing Matty gets kicked in the junk? I'm putting the over-under at 1.5.

  • We should start a "pencil campaign" and send Mattel erasers or something really dumb (aside from flaming bags of poo)

  • dude, i'm offering a fifteen dollar bounty to anyone who nancy kerrigans that mascot at his next appearance!

  • Wait, DR, do you want them to Nancy Kerrigan Faker Matty or regular Matty?

    I wonder, since he's the new scapegoat, will they bring the Faker Matty head to the next convention? And will he still have his "Don't go to" sign??

  • I think, given the fact that Mattel now makes Ghostbusters figures, the best thing we could call him is Dickless.

  • Can't wait a year from now, Mattel stops making this stuff? Then what? Hey, I can always buy Marvel GI Blow Joes right?

    Never can have too much or too little of a good thing, can we?

  • After I bought a Gleekless WT set. I feigned rage and roared at the guys at the Mattel counter "Hey! Where's my Gleek???"

    They pointed at Matty and said "Go talk to Matty."

    I said "I'm going to kick Matty's ass!!"

    We all had a good laugh…

  • F@kcing sonova sh!t head bastard… that picture bring the hell out of me….

  • I don't think I've ever had so many comments on an It Figures, and all I did was Photoshop Matty's face blue.

  • You photoshopped this? Do pictures not exist of the evil Matty?

    (Asks the guy too lazy to look).

  • I just took this to mean that he's "blue in the face" as in "low in spirits" or "melancholy". Of course it works on a second level with the Faker comparison too I guess! 😉

  • I have a vague memory of something like that, didn't they have "Faker" Matty come out during the panel at the NYCC earlier this year?

  • the matty mascot, real matty or faker matty, stands for the utter corruption of the human spirit and all that is blightful, spiteful and wrong w/ the universe… BURN HIM!!!!!

  • Check out the fantastic customer service Matty is giving over at Facebook, 'his' (I place it in inverted commas as when I got an update on my FB page it said 'Matty hass updated HER post') reply is pricless.
    So you're stiffing me and being sarcastic to me now, thanks a ton Matty.