Sooooo…any questions for the next Mattel Q&A?

The next round of Ask Mattel is due in a few days. SDCC is over, tons of info has been revealed, and my friend who attended all five days of SDCC wasn’t able to get me a He-Ro before he sold out. This time around, I don’t feel like making my usual caveat about polite […]

Mattel Panel #2 – MOTU and Ghostbusters

And just like that, Mattel renders what little I cared about the art book fiasco moot. Holy crap. Scare-Glow! Savage He-Man (a.k.a. Wonder Bread He-Man–I totally called that, btw). Walter Peck–WALTER PECK!? Here are Rustin Parr’s notes from the Mattypalooza panel. MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE 2010 subscription comes with poster-map of Eternia and Wun-Dar, a.k.a. […]

Mattel-DC Panel News

Here are Rustin Parr’s notes from the DC-Mattel panel: Movie Masters – Now a exclusive, one figure a month will be sold starting September 15. Sept: Bank Robber Joker; October: Prototype Batman; November: Harvey Dent; December: Jailhouse Joker; January: Arkham Asylum Scarecrow; February: Sonar Eyes Battle Damage Batman; March: Two-Face. They might do more […]

Review > Darwin (G-Force)

The only reason I picked up this figure is because Dr. Mrs. Ghostal and I own two guinea pigs (Tribble and Nibbler), and the novelty of owning a guinea pig action figure–particularly one who looked a lot like Nibbler–was too much to resist. The figures are based on Jerry Bruckheimer’s new Disney action movie G-Force, […]