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  • Poe… you're making me REALLY want to open my 7th Kingdom boar…

    Fantastic photo too!

  • I got the cow when they first came out, but mine's signed so I haven't opened it. I keep very few things MOC. I haven't opened my boar because I don't know if he's from the fixed shipment or not.

  • jester… even if you get one of the floppy assortment, it's loose knees… most of the guys w/ issues on the fan ex board fixed it w/ the super glue trick. they're not (mostly) like falling apart, they just have floppy knees and some had floppy biceps joints. totally fixable.

  • I've gone through two Ramathorrs, and they've both become way too floppy and were relegated to storage.

    I also have Xaanmn (obviously) and Vasshk (the rhino), and they go through long periods of stability interspersed with periods of falling over constantly. Eventually I find the right balanced pose and they stay up, but man, I think the Horsemen should have either made those figures smaller or gone roto.

    Though to be fair, Mezco's Wink, which is even bigger than Ramathorr, stands like a rock. He has less articulation, however–and bigger feet.

  • have you tried the super glue trick poe? if not, maybe try iz's flosser trick.