It Figures #46 > Gouda Chopper


Poe’s note: I decided to skip the more obvious, far raunchier joke for this pic…

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  • You shouldn't have. This joke makes far less sense. It's relying solely on Stay Puft's expression while making no comment on the fact that he's bright orange and Ray is covered in white.

  • I'll take it from here Poe.

    Mini Giant Orange Marshmallow:Get a load of this load.

  • Oh you need Fluff Fluff Fluff! To Make a Fluffernutter. Marshmallow Fluff. And lots of Peanut Butter. First you spread spread spread your bread with peanut butter. Add Marshmallow Fluff and have a Fluffernutter. Then you enjoy, joy, joy your Fluff and peanut butter, You're glad you have enough for another Fluffernutter!