Keanu Reeves out-acted by 2″ block figure


Joe Acevedo’s CustomCon23 continues today. Yesterday I posted about MsBig’s Dollhouse figures. Today, along with Sillof’s awesome “realistic” interpretation of Marvel teams (today’s is the Outsiders, who I think are the Defenders but I’m not sure) and other neat customs, there’s this professional-looking Matrix Minimates line by Luke Porter of the Minimate Factory.

On a side note, who else had a some of those N2 Toys Matrix figures? Those actually weren’t half-bad for a young company; problem is, that turned out to be their high point. God, that was ten years ago–I feel old.

3 thoughts on “Keanu Reeves out-acted by 2″ block figure”

  1. Those are neat. Hated the movies and don't like Minimates, but they did an excellent job on them. And yes, that little guy is showing more acting chops that the real Keanu Reeves. His acting usually falls somewhere between a cigarstore indian and Charlie McCarthy.

  2. In response to the headline: That's no surprise to anyone.

    In response to Matrix Minimates: Yay!!!! What took you so long?

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