Mattycollector update on Club Eternia


The 2010 Club Eternia subscription ends this Friday at 12:00 noon eastern time. This is your only way to be guaranteed the Jan – Dec figure of the month plus the exclusive Club figure Wun-Dar the Savage He-Man which comes complete with removable battle armor, black Power Sword, half black Power Sword, ray gun and Eternian meal. This figure will not be sold in any other way. You must be a member to get him.

Club members will also get a poster-sized map of Eternia. This is all-new art shown postcard sized at SDCC. The poster will also feature secrets of the Power of Grayskull and the Elders printed on the reverse. These will be never before revealed secrets to help complete the storyline behind MOTU Classics for the true fans.

There may be a few other bonus items thrown in during the year for members only such as coupons and other MOTU schwag.

To become a member and sign up for a year of figures, visit my site today! Hurry, offer ends this Friday!

PS: The Jan figure will be Adora, the Feb figure will be Trap-Jaw/Kronis and the March figure will be Moss Man, most likely with partial flocking. Still working on this one…

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  • I've been flip-flopping on this like a politician. It'd be an easy buy even for someone like me who isn't a MOTUC completist, but I hate getting boned on shipping with bonus MOTUC figures, Ghostbusters, and DCUC. It'd be a much easier decision if I didn't collect DCUC or Ghostbusters.

  • I signed up. The shipping issue is annoying (and expensive), but I just can't block out the 15th of every month to spend a couple dozen nail-biting minutes staring at the RSOD. Of course, thanks to Ghostbusters and the various bonus figures, I'll end up doing it anyway every other month, but at least I don't have to worry about fighting everyone for a Trap-Jaw. That alone is practically worth the sub for me (plus I actually think Wun-Dar is cool).

  • I signed up for two reasons. One, Wun-Dar is a figure that I want.

    Two and more importantly, I'm absolutely certain that the subscriptions are going to come out of the regular stock, meaning that they'll only be a fraction of the MOTUC figures up for sale on the actual sale date (Matty said as much if you read between the lines) and although I haven't had any issues getting the figures yet, I suspect a lot of people are going to end up getting hosed this way.

    Better safe than sorry.

  • Safety first all the way. I was had as soon as Trap Jaw was announced.

    Of course it wouldn't be Matty without added annoyance and hassle on the shipping but at least I'll get several hours of my life back on the non-bonus months.

    If there ARE any non-bonus months…..

  • So far the only bonus figure I'm on the hook for is Zodak, since he's essentially a unique character. Battle Armor He-Man is tempting but, well, I already have a He-Man…

  • I just know I'll be hooked for the bonuses – I'm so weak willed around MOTUC there's no point pretending I wont be.

    And Battle-cat will be crazy. Just crazy.

  • i just can't do it… w/ the sanfus we've seen thusfar, i truthfully don't trust them to keep their word.

    for example, what happens when they issue a price hike in 2010 and you subbers can't opt-out, so they just ding your bank account for whatever amount they damned well please? you had better believe i'm a small enough person that i'll be rubbing the salt in the proverbial wounds. i hope wun-dar is worth that kind of crap.

    and let's get real for a sec… those extra overboxes they just added on to protect the MOCness of the figs… do you REALLY think matty is just going to soak that extra cost? REALLY? when we wrap the year and are getting more and more characters that are unique sculpts that they can't rehash (think the whole rest of the horde, the entirety of the snake men, etc…) they're going to keep costs the same? they are FLYING through the roster of guys that can reuse parts… you can't rehash two bad or snout spout and even guys like roboto, man e faces, or ram man will require VERY heavy retooling… how many moss mans and stinkors can they do in 2010 at the average rate of 2 figs a month? there comes a point where costs will go up and i think you guys are being naive to believe matty has this all planned out and 20 bucks for the whole line should get us everyone.

  • @dayraven: As I've said before, Mattel may have started at the high of $20–which many people balked at–so that they would more easily be able to absorb rising costs in the future. It's possible MOTUC figures will go up sometime in the near future, but given economies of scale and clever mold re-use, it shouldn't be a foregone conclusion.

    for example, what happens when they issue a price hike in 2010 and you subbers can’t opt-out, so they just ding your bank account for whatever amount they damned well please? you had better believe i’m a small enough person that i’ll be rubbing the salt in the proverbial wounds.

    There is no way they can raise the price for any regular monthly figure in 2010. We're guaranteed $20 per monthly figure in the sub, because it says so right up front.

    Now that I think about it, they could raise the price of monthly figures for those who didn't lock in the price with the subscription. So only people who bought the sub are safe from price hikes.

  • see, i think taking matty's word for it is the issue. i totally get your point, and if so, i'll happily eat crow. but as they've been less than forthcoming thusfar w/ facutal in depth information and they've heaped on the backdoors and caveats… i simply wouldn't expect a solid deal from them

    besides what, what happens when you get a clerical error that's not in your favor? again, digital river hasn't exactly proven reliable.

  • i really hope they come through with coupon codes. i have said since the beginning if they did that they'd have NO problem getting subs. people just dont want to pay extra for shipping fees on the bonus figures.

    i have a pretty lengthy thread on the org about the true cost of a sub. i buy 2 of everyone so the cost isnt too bad for me but at the end of the year i am still gonna end up paying 110 extra bucks in shipping etc cause of bonus figs.