Odds ‘n Ends for 8/11/09

Odds N Ends

  • As you can see, I’ve brought back the original Odds ‘N Ends picture. The newer version just never grew on me. Further bulletins as events warrant.
  • I noticed in the poll that a good number of people have listed “Other” for toy message boards they visit regularly. Just curious, what are they? What did I miss, or what am I missing?
  • In case you missed it, Mattel’s going to have flight stands for DCUC in early 2010. The post would seem to indicate they’ll work for MOTUC too.
  • As you may have heard, the Walmart DCUC 5-pack is popping up here and there. It retails for about $55, and in case you didn’t know, you can get the de-mulleted Superman and black-and-gray Batman separately.
  • Received my He-Ro. Review forthcoming. In case you’re wondering, I got a green gem, not that it mattered much to me. Although I didn’t really want red.
  • I beat Ghostbusters: The Video Game last night. It’s a great game, with what’s easily the funniest dialogue I’ve ever heard in a video game (slight spoiler: there’s a scene where the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man is climbing a building to get at them, and Peter looks over the edge and says, “I’m impressed with his agility, considering his complete lack of bones.” Murray nails the line and I had to pause the game until I stopped laughing). I initially beat it on the easy difficulty, and now that I’m on normal, I see why one reviewer referred to it as a “medic simulator.” The other ‘Busters go down every few seconds in the middle of a tough battle. Still, it’s a blast, and if anyone wants to try some multiplayer ‘busting let me know.
  • I can’t keep up with all the conventions. Seems like SDCC just ended and yet WizardWorld Chicago is already over, and now Joecon starts Thursday. Anyone going? I imagine this will be a pretty momentous one.
  • Is anyone else watching Warehouse 13? Have I asked this before? Well anyway, Dr. Mrs. Ghostal and I have added that and Eureka to our viewing pleasure. We have a lot of catching up to do on the latter, however. Anyway, regarding Warehouse 13, I like the new cast member they added, the computer chick–though is it me, or is that show becoming more about Saul Rubinek than the Scully/Mulder surrogates? Am I talking to myself here?

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  • I'm not sure I'll even bother…while I'm fairly even-tempered in real life, I get really, really…really frustrated with videogames sometimes.

    Dr. Mrs. Ghostal will never let me forget the time I threw a controller when I couldn't beat the Abomination at the end of Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. I have a cousin who actually smashed a SNES controller after losing on Rainbow Road in Super Mario Kart

  • @ END: The "OTHER" toy forums I would presume would include various discussions & commentaries & links you have here in PGPOA and Articulated Discussion ?? I know I visit you guys first for a more organized summary of Toy news & scoops.

    & END: WAREHOUSE 13 – haven't watched a complete episode of this yet, BUT I've admired actor Saul Rubinek since the 80's -from his stints in The Equalizer to dramatic political movies like The Contender. But I particularly remember him in the ST:TNG episode "The Most Toys" where he played a collector who stole DATA,

    who was the only positronic android in the known galaxy. Saul gave a charming, articulate, arrogant & viciously cold performance – in one of the best DATA episodes ever……Good thing Mr. Rubinek's getting his due in WH13, then!

  • when I voted for other I meant lordoftheringsguide.com and trektoy.com

  • @Poe: -Glad to see the original "Odds" picture, the new picture never really grew on me either.

    -The flight stands sound awesome!

    -Interesting that the 5-pack is already showing up! Hopefully it won't require a cross country search! $55 seems steep, but you are getting five figures, including Two-Face and Catwoman, which'll help fill in my Rogues gallery!

    Rainbow Road was so hard!!! That game was the source of much frusteration. Though, I still think that Mario Kart 64 was the best MK game. I enjoyed Double Dash, but it just seemed to be gimmicky. I haven't played MK for the Wii yet, maybe someday…

    @Templar: I agree, thats one of my favorite Data-centric episodes. I never was a fan of "Measure of a Man".

  • JoeCon is pretty awesome for Joe fans. I want to go one of these years. I suspect Hasbro will unload a lot of cool stuff this year. Probably the biggest one in a long time.

  • Is there like an unofficial list of what are considered the "major" (i.e. likely to have news worthy announcements) cons?

    NYCC, SDCC, ConnectiCon, GenCon, DragonCon, JoeCon, PAX, Wizard World Philly, Wizard World NY…am I missing any? I'm sure I must be.

  • @americanhyena: Toy Fair? 😉

    I don't know if there is such thing as "too many" Cons.

  • Other forums I visit:




    $55 for the DCUC five pack seems pretty good to me now, being that the price of a single is nearly $13. I really want that Luthor and Two-Face, and I don't hate the others, so I'll be getting it.

  • Bottalk.com

    Most people won't like it since the members aren't moderator sycophants and toadies, and you actual get to speak your mind there, unlike some other boards *cough* He-man.org*cough*

    Plus swearing!

  • DMW – is that about Robots or asses? I'm too lazy to actually check for myself.

    I spend whatever spare time I have not haunting here at various Swars boards – not for the intellectual stimulation as much as area reports and bitching about what Hasbro doesn't bring to the UK. Rebelscum mostly…..Everyone needs a hobby.

  • It's a Transformers Forum. There are only 3 boards: General TF (with a little GI Joe), Marketplace, and Off Topic (it also says RPG, but no one has done that in years).

    It's a real tight nit place, but the people are cool.

  • Goddamn. I don't think I'll be able to afford that 5 pack the one time I'll actually see it. I saw the two packs at TRU once and I got one of them. Too bad, I really like the Luthor but other than that I own all these figures with different paint jobs.

  • Saul Rubinek's character is more interesting than the wannabe Mulder/Scully's. I'm fairly okay with the new hacker chick right now, although she seemed kinda shoehorned in as this ultra-awesome snarky hacker chick that's smarter than the guy that's been doing it for decades. She comes off really Mary Sue-ish. Maybe she'll grow on me.

  • I'm digging Warehouse 13 though I'm hesitant on the too-smart hacker girl.

    I hope I find the 5-pack, but DCUC has been greatly angering me lately with how hard it is to find anything locally here in Minnesota.

  • Well, they obviously added the hacker chick so Rubinek had somehow to interact with when Scully and Mulder were off on a mission.

    It is a bit troubling that I can't remember any of their names off the top of my head…not a good sign for a geeky show.

  • Most of my forum time is spent at TFW2005. Been visiting CriticalMess lately too since I entered a contest there.

  • I go to DCcollector.com a lot and spend time in the figure forum there, so it's not an action figure site of its own, per se.

  • I was just a little too young for ghostbusters and i've been wondering..

    is it a bad thing that i've become a huge Ghostbusters fan since February, solely because of the Mattel line and Poe's enthusiasm for it? do i deserve to buy egon? am i a poser?

  • (the reason for that last post is that i'm working my way through the game also)

  • I welcome anyone into the world of Ghostbusters. Start learning movie lines and go get an Egon.

  • @Digby: That sort of thing happens to me all the time. Before DCUC came out, I'd never been interested in anything DC-related, and then I started buying comics and watched the entire run of B:TAS, JL and JLU. So welcome to Ghostbusters fandom!