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If there was anyone who was looking forward to the DC Universe Infinite Heroes more than me, I doubt it. When the line first appeared I went ape nuts with the prospect of having tons of my favorite heroes in my favorite scale. Then they came out and boy, the joke was on us toy collectors with it’s overall poor sculpting and horrendous lack of articulation. Still, Mattel seems to be trying to make this thing work and they’ve finally come up with something I truly need:


As a giant Supergirl fan, I find that I must need this call back to issue #7 of Crisis on Infinite Earths where Supergirl dies. Sorry if that spoiled anything, but seriously what comic fan doesn’t know about this? It’s right there on the cover:


As a fan, I hate to admit to this but her (first) death was pretty much the defining moment of her character, so a figure that calls back to that classic moment is a must have. The only thing that could have made this better would have been if they had sculpted a crying Superman head. In fact, I kind of need a crying Superman head for when my Captain Marvel beats the piss out of him. Oh yeah, I said it.

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10 thoughts on “Paul’s Peg > DC Universe Infinite Morbidity”

  1. Don't do it! Stay strong and don't buy shitty figures no matter how cool and morbid the package is

  2. Isn't that just a cardboard cutout of Superman? That being the case, they really should've photoshopped on some tears.

  3. Gotta go with the consensus on this one – this line is total shit.

    I've had some never-speak-to-you-again fall-outs with some of the gang over at another board about this but I don't care – this line is still total shit.

    Proof, if any were needed that Mattel is total shit too without the 4H saving their asses and making their toys for them.

  4. I've stayed the hell away from this line, but was tempted to at least get the Crisis figures when they revealed that Anti-Monitor. Then, I saw Supergirl in the SDCC photos and, much as I like the idea, the figures still look like crap to me. I'd love to be getting DC figures in this scale, but they're gonna have to step up their game.

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