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I never thought I’d say this, but I own a doll just like a little girl. Yeah, I know the whole “action figures” are really dolls business jerks throw at toy collectors, but this time I’ve really gone and done it. I bought a doll and I lay the blame on Tonner Dolls who were at this year’s Chicago Comic Con. If they hadn’t of been there, I’d still be happily doll free.


I normally admire Tonner’s work from afar without ever thinking of purchasing anything from them. Firstly there’s the social stigma for a man who owns a doll, but secondly there is the high price point. Most of their figures cost over a hundred bucks a pop. The only Tonner doll that I’ve ever thought about owning was their Supergirl who I first saw on the cover of a Lee’s Toy Review several years ago and thought she was a fantastic representation of the character.


While taking photos of Tonner’s dolls at the Chicago Comic con, I saw that this very same Supergirl was on sale for 50 bucks. That’s about a third of what I’ve seen her go for originally and cheaper than what I’ve see her go for on eBay now. Hell, there’s a nude Supergirl going for about 50 right now. Creepy! I think that they were unloading her because there’s a new Supergirl doll in town, but who knows.


But now that I have her at home, I’m not sure what to do with her (get your mind out of the gutter). She’s still in the package and I’m sure I should display her, but man it’s tough getting over the fact I’ve got a friggen doll in the house that doesn’t belong to my wife.

Please tell me that I’m not the only person here on Poe Ghostal’s fine blog that has purchased a Tonner Doll or a Barbie that’s related to some of nerdom’s greatest female characters. I saw that their Harley Quinn was also on sale, so I’m sure some dudes bought them for themselves and not their wives/girlfriends/daughters, right?

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  • I bought a NASCAR barbie about 10 years ago….as well as a Halloween barbie. So we are in the same boat. 😉

  • Dude – I DID purchase a Tonner Wonder Woman deluxe doll……for the 7 year old daughter of a girl friend o'mine !! I'll admit I was fascinated by some of the detailing of these dolls. Their Catwoman in the old skirted costume was certainly, um …. is it okay to say….HOT ?? Just sayin'…! Their Hawkgirl looks a bit like Scarlett Johansson when unmasked. I do believe their Black Canary made a splash a few years back, eh?

  • I came very close to buying a Barbie Batgirl once. I saw it at a neighborhood drugstore, thought about it, and reasoned that it was out of the purview of my collecting. I would bought it, though, if it had still been at the store when I changed my mind and returned to look for it.

    Does an Ultimate Quarter Scale Obi-Wan count as a doll? Or the 13" DC Direct Joker?

  • I don't own many 12" figures. What makes it a Doll? Rooted hair or size? A Mego isn't a doll is it? Sideshow Figures, are they dolls? Are collectors items? Would that would include Star Trek Barbie?

    It's all good… As long as you can look yourself in the mirror with no shame, why worry?

  • For shame!

    Face it, you guys are all girls now for even considering buying yourselves dollies. Next, you'll be wearing panties and having tea parties.

  • Dolls are for guuuuuurls…

    I have a 18" Frank-N-Furter "doll", its not quite a Barbie-esque figure, but its got sculpted plastic head, arms, and legs, but the torso/chest is plushy.

    You should get something "manly" like a Snake Eyes doll figure to display with it! 😉

  • I bought a Batgirl, for my neice. but i displayed until she asked for it and lost all the bat-accessories.



    They are all "dolls" if you take a dictionary definition to the toys we love, I just don't care about the term.

    When you're married with two kids and are losing your hair there realy isn't much about your masculinity you need to worry about. I find guys in my situation that start wearing sunglasses and buying sports-cars far more laughable than a guy with a Supergirl doll – if you like it who cares?

    All that said I don't/wouldn't buy this because 1. I don't like Supergirl enough to care and 2. they are way too expensive for my tastes anyway.

  • Hand over the man-card… C'mon, give it up!

    My wife actually likes Lara Croft stuff a lot, but has never bought anything for it, she leaves the toy purchases for me and the kids. Someone has to be the grown up I suppose.

    But anyway, I've been tempted to buy the Tonner Lara Croft in winter gear for her because she loves that outfit. I just can't bring myself to drop that kind of cash for it. And the thing is, the wife would kill me were she to learn of the amount a "doll" like that would cost.

    You'd think living with me would educate her some of the costs of high end collectibles? 🙂

  • I think my problem with Tonner's stuff is the male characters never look as good as the female ones.

    Having said that, I think I'd probably break down and buy one for $50 if it was a character I really liked (Zatanna for example…I'm a magician so I'm a sucker for her in most forms).

    But then again…I'm pretty sure I'm the token gay dude around here so you might want to pass on my advice about dollies 😛

  • izdawiz
    08.14.2009 12.05

    For shame!
    Face it, you guys are all girls now for even considering buying yourselves dollies. Next, you’ll be wearing panties and having tea parties.

    Why Sir! I take offense!
    My Tea Parties are the gayest of affairs!

  • I've always defined action figures by the fact that they are articulated, soft goods (clothing) or otherwise.

    Dolls traditionally have always been limited in articulation and intended for that purpose.

    There is a lot of blurring of that line though……Sideshow, Hot Toys, McFarlane, Mego, etc…

    So, yeah, you own a doll now….congrats!

  • well… in my definition, anything 8" or taller with cloth clothing is a "doll" so all you 1/6 scale collectors have a bunch of dolls (yes, even those awesome hot toys… dolls)

    so there you go… that said, I did buy the Tonner Wonder Woman, since I am a fan of hers and my wife was able to get 30% off.

    and no, I have no shame, I collect toys and pop culture and tonner does nice work (well, most of the time) though I don't plan on getting more, I just wanted one for representation.

  • Anything labled doll in the selling literature is a doll. Hot toys, side show, takarra batman, playmates 12" trek line, trek barbie, dc barbie, tonner dc, dc direct 13" line. ALL DOLLS. ANd I Love them all. Guys can have dolls. Just as long as you dont't play with them. Cuase these are expensive and for display. (Unless your a rich 7 yo. lol)