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While the Mattel Masters of the Universe debacle drove the toy collecting community into a frenzied rage, the other toy book this year has been getting a lot of respect if not the same amount of talk. When my buddy was at SDCC this year I gave him a list of stuff to pick up for me and one of the items was the Hasbro related book Insight (as well as the Masters book that I didn’t get). I can say that I managed to get a copy, it’s a sweet arse book.

Not all the pictures in Insight are money shots of G.I. Joes or Star Wars figures, but they’re all pretty damned awesome. If you have any kind of interest in G.I. Joes, Star Wars, or even just dioramas, you’ve got to get a copy of this book. Thankfully, unlike the Masters of the Universe artbook, it’s widely available and you can get it on Hasbro’s own toy site. That’s another bonus, you see if you bought the book from a scalper then you’re not giving a dime to charity.

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3 thoughts on “Paul’s Peg > Insight on Insight”

  1. I got this book as well and it really is an enjoyable read. Well worth the money.

    More than anything though, as a fan of Sigma Six, this book reminded me of how much I miss that line.

  2. I grabbed this book and overall it's a collection of stunning toy photos. I especially enjoyed the text, most of which discusses the steps taken to build the props, stage the shots, and then the actual process of taking the photos.

  3. Mattel+MOTU=Fan Frenzy/Frustration. Anyway, I picked this book up and it is indeed awesome. If you have any of the following Hasbro properties in your collection you'll be happy with this book: Star Wars, Marvel Legends, 12" GIJoes, Sigma 6 GI Joes, Xevoz. Pictures of the unreleased Sigma6 Adventure Team sets put my kids into a frenzy. Great white shark!!

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