Rumor: DCUC 2010 SDCC Exclusive is Plastic Man


Blue Canoe Stew, the poster at RTM who’s been pretty accurate with his DCUC leaks so far, says the 2010 SDCC DCUC exclusive will be Plastic Man:

Plasticman with various attachments and shapes that wouldn’t normally fit on a single figure card. He’ll be the last figure needed to complete Mattel’s re-making of the SUPER POWERS
collection. (The others will come in waves announced prior to Comic Con).

Is he right? We’ll find out next April.

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  • If they do him right, that's awesome.

    BUT…no question–the lines/scalping will actually manage to put the Wonder Twins chaos to shame.

  • Here's a crazy idea or two for Mattel.

    Don't make him an exclusive.

    OR make him available at SDCC first THEN release him a month or so later.

    OR make the attachments available at SDCC exclusives and then release the figures to retail with different attachments.

  • Mattel listening to ideas from customers? That's crazy talk–well, unless you're a MOTUC collector, then they actually give a crap what you think. I was hoping Plas would be a C&C. Hopefully, Mattel will sell them on Matty afterwards–I can dream.

  • plastic man is for some strange reason one of my favorite characters in the DCU, going back to Morrison's run on JLA. i need this toy.

  • why would they do this? I mean plastic man is more popular than the wonder twins. It is going to be insane trying to get him.

  • If they get him on Matty I'll pick him up. But I'm not busting my hump (or my piggybank) to find him on the ebay. I've never been a fan of Plas, but it'd be nice to have him for the JLA line-up.

  • Well, I'm glad to hear that the Super Powers will be complete with his release, to look on the bright side of things.

    I have to say, Mattel should consider Fengschwing's ideas. They are doable & it would infuriate alot less people. You just don't make Plastic Man a straight up exclusive. Then again, as much as I love their product, it is Mattel.

  • Could this Company get any more irritating?

    Yeah, I suppose they could make Martian Manhunter an SDDC job too….

    Then I would be on an Areoplane to get in Line, and then take a cab to El Segundo and burn Matty HQ to the floor.

  • No, no, no – this won't be a repeat of the Wonder Twins/Gleek debacle. Rather, via listening closely to fan/consumer criticism, Mattel will overproduce this SDCC Plastic Man exclusive by, oh, about 25,000 units, fail to move half of them, and ultimately slaughter the DCUC line like a baby seal thanks to the backlog of Plastic Man figures and the subsequent clogging of retail store shelves.

    See, the pendulum has to swing in the other direction now.

  • I find it hard to believe that he will be the last super power figure. Does that mean cyclotron golden pharaoh an especially tyr will be made? They are as obscure as you come

  • It's about time for old Plastic Man! SDCC 2010 here I come! 🙂

    Oh he'll come packaged nice… But you will have to go to the con to get his sunglasses. Yes his SUNGLASSES! Matty Style… Break it DOWN! DOH!

  • Plas should be on Matty a week after the show, and I look forward to it. I cannot WAIT for this guy

  • Wait, last Super Powers figure? We're gonna get Martian Manhunter! Huzzah!

  • I'm thinkin' Super Powers will play out like this:

    Wave 12 – Desaad (Mega Darkseid CnC)

    Wave 13 – Samurai (Starro CnC)

    Wave 14 – Tyr (Collosal Boy CnC)

    Matty 2-pack of Golden Pharaoh and Cyclotron

    Then Martain Manhunter and classic Robin as headliners for those waves.

    So by summer next year Plastic Man would be the last of the SuperPowers – makes sense. Somehow I see SuperFriends leaking in too.

  • i want a black vulcan, apache chief and samurai 3 pack as well, we are getting one in jlu so why not dcuc

  • great. another figure i'd actually want to buy and i'm never going to get him. these bastards

  • Have it at SDCC with a SDCC sticker on it.

    Then have the exact same set with all the pieces sans the sticker available from Matty.

    If your at the con you get a sticker (maybe a shiny sticker) and you save on S&H.

    Order it from Matty, no sticker no problem.

    Just make sure you get all the same pieces from Matty. Otherwise it's Gleek all over again.

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