Site updates

Just a couple quick notes about the website this morning. OB1 and I implemented a few changes over the weekend, and I wanted to point them out.

1.) The “Latest Toy News” has now become a “Toy Reviews Feed.” It’s a compromise between trying to put together regular Fanmode-style collections of reviews and not posting links to reviews at all. Using Yahoo Pipes, I took a bunch of websites that post toy reviews and created an RSS feed that lists any post with the word “Review” in the title. So you can either browse the most recent five here on the site, or subscribe to the link to get a constantly-updated list of toy reviews.

2.) I’ve also added a small Google calendar widget. This will list major toy-related events, from Mattycollector sale days to conventions. I’ll be adding to it constantly, so if you see something missing just let me know.

3.) As you may have noticed, comments now have a little arrow at the bottom. By clicking on that arrow, you can reply to that comment. Your reply will contain a link to the comment you’re replying to, plus the Poester’s name.

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