Masters of the Hipsterverse


A co-worker linked me to this gallery, which features MOTU characters reimagined in hipster fashions.

They look like regular people with MOTU-character heads to me (well, except for Trap-Jaw), but I’ll let you decide for yourself. But where’s the hipsterized Orko?

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  • Lame. I like MOTU and I like good hipster fashion, but this is just dumb.

  • The drawings are good, at least as drawing itself goes, but I don't get the point. These just look like a set of fashion illustrations wherein the models may have well just been wearing MOTU character masks. (Is that his way of being startling, I wonder?) If the artist had chosen to create a full-blown sort of reimagining–MOTU by way of a modern West Side Story?–which really integrated the features of both sets of styles, then we might have had something interesting.

  • Wow. Somebody found a way to make MOTU designs even worse? Didn't think that was possible!

    I kid, I kid. I know there are lots of MOTU fans here. But frankly I just don't see any point to that project.

  • I don't think I would have let a young and impressionable Po put those up in his room….