Paul’s Peg > Lego + Dune = Awesome

I’m a huge fan of the 1980s sci-fi epic Dune by David Lynch. In fact, I believe I’m one of the select few or should I say the elite with great taste. Anyway, I love Lego and I love Dune so this sandworm fits naturally into my wheelhouse like peanut butter and chocolate or even machine guns and chocolate.



You know, this kind of reminds me of a dream I once had that I’d rather not want to get into right now. It’s just way too Freudian.


Fans of my old toy blog might remember a similar Lego creation that’s totally worth revisiting, because it’s that boss.

Thanks to: The Brothers Brick

Author: RobotsPJs

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5 thoughts on “Paul’s Peg > Lego + Dune = Awesome”

  1. Wow! Great work! What kind of legos did you use to make the worm? The worms skin seems unusually smooth for a lego creation. And where did you get all those teeth?

  2. Great Lego work, Paul! Can't even tell if these works are original or actual sold sets…. I too am a huge fan of both DUNE and Lego – but I never really had the temerity to combine both interests creatively….Love the extended version of the movie with Patrick Stewart playing some sort of lute with a rotating music box in it , and TOTO's version of elevator folk music coming out of it….!! And the eerie deliveries of voiceover narrations of the characters' thoughts, like thought bubbles in the comics on audio …..Hmmmm, gotta view that movie again soon…..

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