Sony now has the Power


“The Power” is sure being passed around a lot these days. First Warner Bros. had it, then got rid of it, and now Sony has it, according to Variety.

The fact that this news comes so quickly on the heels of the announcement of WB’s backing-out may actually mean this movie has a chance of being made sometime in the near future.

Sony and Escape Artists’ Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal and Steve Tisch will now start developing the project from scratch for Columbia Pictures, sources close to the negotiations said.

Shingle recently produced Columbia’s remake of “The Taking of Pelham 123,” “Knowing” at Summit, and previously produced the Will Smith dramas “Seven Pounds” and “The Pursuit of Happyness.”

That’s not exactly a resume that screams “epic sword-and-sorcery flick” to me, but I suppose neither did Peter Jackson’s, with its Meet the Feebles and Heavenly Creatures, when he pitched Lord of the Rings to New Line.

As for the script: the Justin Marks screenplay has potential, so one would hope Sony would go back to it. Unfortunately…

John Stevenson (“Kung Fu Panda”) had previously been attached to direct, with Justin Marks and Evan Daugherty having penned versions of the script. Rights to those scripts now belong to WB, meaning a new writer will likely be hired.

Well, shit.

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  • The movie will be awesome!

    As much as I love the old movie this will be everything the original was not, then we will get an excellent toyline n the shops and itwill be amazing.

  • Thank god there are other people out there who love the first movie. I think WE have the power.

  • if sony has the rights… does that mean there's a better than average shot at getting a game? cuz i'd take a well orchestrated game very eagerly.

  • The original gets a lot of bad press because it did not feature much of Eternia….but they had to work with in their budget. In all honesty the set pieces for Greyskull etc were beautiful.

    I love the film and watch it whenever it is on TV.

    Small bit of trivia, the Jean Cladude Van Damme film, Cyborg was originlly intended to be Masters of the Universe 2 but due the cancelation of the toyline etc they changed most of the script and gave it to Van Damme. Oddly enough,Cyborg is on tonight…must watch it.

  • Now if only NECA would make a Dolph Lundgren movie He-man Staction series just like what they did to Arnold's Conan the Barbarian figures…

  • I just want a movie Skeletor in both black robes and "god" outfit.

    The MOTU film has a certain charm about it. Its sort of like Star Trek: The Voyage Home, taking familiar characters and putting them in our time on Earth. The movie did have a very "Star Wars-esque" feel to it, even in the score. My favorite scene for whatever reason is watching Man-At-Arms eat fried chicken from a bucket.

    Here's more useless trivia: Christina Pickles who played the Sorcoress also played Courtney Cox's mother in the tv sitcom Friends.

  • If NECA make movie MOTU figures they need to be better articulated than the Conan figures, great looking figures but without good articulation there would be no point.

    @PrfktTear, I liked the fried chicken scene also….and the battle with Blade.

    @dayraven, no problem, it is a fun game, remeber completing it in 3 days, played it nearly none stop.

  • I thought that NECA struck a nice balance with the Simon Belmont figure. I haven't seen it up close, but based on the review here, it does. I wouldn't mind picking it up!

  • The game was bloody awful. Terrible controls, and sub-par graphics considering when it was released.

    Guess ya have to work with the budget.

    A new film will work if they don't try and just please the core fan base.

  • You know that awesome movie you're picturing in your head?

    Yeah, they're not making that.

  • It seems to me if they're doing movies like <del>Avatar:</del> The Last Airbender, Where the Wild Things Are, The Hobbit, etc. That there is room for a fantasy/sci-fi flick.