Your daily dose of something to hate

Let’s all hate the anonymous scumbag turd who did this.


Paul on RTM tells the tale:

Had to go back to work early Sunday and pick up a flash drive someone left for me and along the way I stopped in at a Wal-Mart, just to have a look around. No new DCUC singles, but what did I see on the bottom shelf? Yes, the fabled DCUC Gotham City 5-pack. I haven’t really wanted the darn thing, but I did sort of want to buy it after seeing it in person. That is until I lifted it up to eye level and immediately saw that Lex Luthor had been replaced by Green Lantern. Not just any Green Lantern, one of the ones with a reversed right forearm. Also, the scalper-scum had added insult to injury by making his own little crude symbol of something that looks like a hand flipping the bird along with the words “GOT FIRST.” I took the five-pack and showed it to a Wal-mart employee and told him what had happened. He acted like he understood, but as I walked away, I saw him head back to the toy department with it….just all-around disgusting.

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  • @Bman:

    Mattel didn't have to put Luthor out as a single and its ridiculous IMO to think they should be "blamed" or punished for not doing it.

    He stole the Luthor figure, plain and simple.

  • And this set isn't a rip-off all things considered, it's actually one of the better box sets as far as contents go, it has two very hard to find figures in Catwoman and Two-Face, the all new Lex Luthor, and the first Superman in DCUC with his normal look, no long hair or red eyes, and a repaint of the Detective Batman in his arguably more popular colors, as opposed to the hard to come by black and gray Batman from DCSH. To say that because Mattel actually put some thought into the lineup and *gasp and swoon* made every figure worthwhile in their own way so almost anyone has something worth having in the boxset is ridiculous. If you think its a ripoff, then you have no right to anything in it, you don't get to steal something because they were so mean and made you want it.

  • @Valo487: You're right. If you add up what it would cost for DCSH Catwoman and Two Face alone, I bet it'd be more than the cost of this set. Okay, you want Black & Gray Batman? I haven't looked on eBay for a while, but from what I understand he still fetches a tidy sum. Then you've got classic Superman, and Lex Luthor. I think a lot of thought went into this set, and for only about $60.

    Does anyone know how many of these 5-packs come per case? I visited my local WM Super Center on the way home around 3.30 in the morning. I was scoping out the paletes, and saw a case of them, but they were at the bottom and the entire palette was shrink wrapped. Needless to say I didn't bother trying to get at it. I sent out a couple texts alerting friends in the area, and from what I've been told they were gone by 2pm the next day — less than 12 hours.

  • @PrfktTear:

    That doesn't mean they didn't put them out, It happened to me as well, I saw them and then went back the next day didn't see it on display; 3 weeks later found them and got it. I think Im going to pull this little stunt, hated the guy for doing it, but Fuck Mattel and Walmart.I'm not going to but the little paper and Ill put in Mullet Supes and Blue Bats, and probably an orion for lex luther….and leave two face and catwoman untouched.

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