The Grayskull Poster from Adam to Zodac

Back in the heyday of Masters of the Universe during the 1980s, a few promotional posters for the line were made. These were lush, fully-painted depictions of the characters rather than checklists featuring photos of the action figures. By far my favorite was the so-called Grayskull Poster, because it featured most of the early, iconic […]

Paul’s Peg > TatTF: The Terminator Flesh Maker

In the early 90s Kenner decided that they needed to cash in on the Terminator franchise the only way they knew how, by making toys based on the sequel Terminator 2: Judgment Day. I skipped the entire line at the time, because I found the figures massively disappointing overall, but it did have it’s high […]

Review > Zodak (Masters of the Universe Classics)

The 2002 revamp of Masters of the Universe was ambitious in scope, encompassing the toys, a new cartoon, a McDonalds tie-in and even a videogame. Mattel was fervently hoping to recapture the bottled lightning they’d found in the early 1980s. Unfortunately, the toys weren’t as successful as Mattel’s immense hopes, and after two years it […]

Wanted: Questions for Mattel

It’s time, my little Poesters, to harangue Mattel in the wake of the Great Teela Disaster of 2009. But I kid the mega-corporation who really needs to get on the same page with its mediocre webstore management company! As always, polite (but firm), thoughtful, new questions will get preference over mean-spirited diatribes about, say, the […]

Show & Tell > Rocky Horror Picture Show Figures

“A long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, God said: ‘Let there be lips,’ and there were lips and they were red.” Every Saturday at midnight in dozens of movie theatres across the globe this line is shouted at the Rocky Horror Picture Show. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is one of […]

The He-Man that might have been

Lord Fallen Eldor of came across this fascinating, never-published He-Man comic from the 1980s, apparently made by Whitman Comics. It’s a very different origin story for He-Man, with a level of character development that rivals the MYP series. There’s something approaching actual pathos in He-Man’s story–and they even explain where he got the goofy […]

Forgotten Lore > Marvel Toys TNA Wrestling

Forgotten Lore is a feature focusing on toys that were planned but never produced. Today’s Forgotten Lore comes to us from Poester American Hyena. Says AH: Arguably the best wrestling figures ever, they were produced with Marvel Legends-level articulation and came with scads of cool accessories. There was a final wave of figures that made […]

DCUC Wave 13 pics hit the Web

Pics of DCUC13 have made their way to the Web. You can see ’em here or here. My thoughts: while DCUC has run hot and cold lately, this is a great-looking wave with what looks like a good amount of original tooling. It also finishes off a few groups fans have been hoping for, including […]