Fwoosh: First looks at Scare-Glow, Zodak and the Rays

Fwoosh has first looks at Scare-Glow, Zodak, 6″ Ray Stanz and 12″ Ray Stanz. Try not to hate VeeBee too much. It’s a dark road I went down long ago.

After looking through the reviews, I bet the 12″ Ray sells better than we–or at least I–thought it would. The facial sculpt isn’t great, but the equipment looks fantastic.

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  • Ehhhh… Still not feelin the 12 inch guys. I don't generally collect the scale so I'm not compelled to buy it cause it exists. The equipment is amazing for sure. But I really don't like the look of the head sculpt,body or the uniform. Those elbow pars look pretty awful.

    At $40 I'd consider buying one of them for the equipment, but at $60… I'm not even really considering Ray, and he is my favorite buster.

    All in for the 6", though I wish he did get a slightly heftier torso.

  • Ray needed a different torso. Yeah, maybe RGB skewed my view of the guys too, but all four guys should NOT share the same body. Egon no longer looks lean.

    The face sculpt is better on this one though.

    I still don't have an Egon. Blah.

  • Ray really isn't that hefty in the original Ghostbusters. It'd be nice if we did have different torsos though. Especially if they're going to be re-releasing the heck out of them, slimed, non-slimed, GBII uniforms, red Slimed GBII uniforms, Street Luge Disco Stu uniforms, etc.

  • Off topic: is the name Poe Ghostal related to the concept of Go(ing) Postal?

  • I just figured Poe was related to Tad & Chad Ghostal from 'Space Ghost Coast to Coast'.

  • ScareGlow is a must buy and would also look perfect with the 6 inch ghostbusters.

  • I've been checking out Scareglow again… this is like geek pr0n. Like 99.999% of every other MOTUC fan, I can't wait for SG. Never had him as a kid, so he'll be the first actual MOTU figured that was produced that I never got my hands on. Not counting He-Ro since he never made it! He's gonna look so nice with Skeletor, Beastman and the other goons. I love the color of purple they used on him.

  • @Dead Man Walking: Yup. I actually came up with it because "gopostal" was a cheat code in some first-person shooter I was playing, though I've never been able to remember what game it was. But the pun on Edgar Allan Poe and ghosts was too good to ignore.

    It was a PC game, I'm pretty sure, and not Independence Day or Nuclear Strike…I'm not sure what it was, and have been trying to figure out for years. I thought it was Jedi Knight, but not from the searches I've done. It might have been a game mod…this would have been around 1998-1999.

  • Gotta say I'm a bit disappointed in that 6" Ray headsculpt. The pinched look of the face just throws the whole thing off. Hopefully the final product won't look so wierd but I'm fearing it just might.

    Still, I need him since I bought Egon at SDCC (the one thing Mattel didn't screw me on) and I'd like a complete set of all 4 'busters.

  • I feel like the bagginess of the the jumpsuits makes up for any body type difference there might be.

  • @Poe: I always thought the name was a reference to the Poe ghosts from The Legend Of Zelda.

  • @RocketPunch: Yeah, a lot of people thought that. But no, I only invented it as a pun on "go postal."

    However, the Zelda/Poe and Tad Ghostal connections did amuse me, when I learned of them. I probably should have just left it a mystery…

  • @Poe

    Hmmmm. "gopostal" code. Now you've got me curious because I vaguely remember a game with that code…..Doom? Duke Nukem? Wolfenstein? Unreal Tournament? It's been so many years I can't quite place it.

    As for the topic, Mattel's attempt at the 1:6 scale market is admirable but sadly….lacking. The gear looks good because they use CAD to assist them, but the portrait sculpts look simplistic at best.

    As for Scareglow, well I'll let my inner geek take over on that one. I had stopped collecting MOTU about the time the action features took a nose dive toward the utter-lame (eg. King Hiss) but when Scareglow came out I always wanted to find him and add him to the rest. I would luv to see the Horsemen's take on a "200x" version.

  • I just want to ask…When does the Poe Ghostal contest entries get poe'sted?

  • The only figures worth any salt are the glorious 4Horsemen offerings. The headsculpt on the in-house designed 12" buster is soft and terrible.

  • Man – all those figures look brilliant!

    Scare-Glow looks amazing, and Zodak is cool. I am in love with both Rays though… the 6" looks great, but that 12" figure's Proton Pack is astounding!!!

  • @Emerald

    had stopped collecting MOTU about the time the action features took a nose dive toward the utter-lame (eg. King Hiss)

    Really? I always loved King Hiss! Plus he came out with Rattlor and Tung Lashor. I'll give you though, some of the later figures were kind of goofy, like Dragstor (even though I always liked him too). Ninjor was very generic… but the fact that he was a ninja was cool. Rio Blast and Clamp Champ, despite also being personal faves of mine, yeah, they're not quite as interesting as other characters.

  • Hi all – does anyone know what kind of relationship Fwoosh has with Mattel? I'm trying to talk myself into the 12" Ray, but the head sculpt is really hard to get past. The author of the first look noted that it was a little soft, but that it still looked good. Is this spin/damage control? A reasonable assessment?

  • I'm only posting this here because it's the most recent post concerning Ghostbusters.

    Have you guys been finding Ghostbuster minimates at brick and mortar stores? If so,where?