Optikk for MOTUC?


According to a poster on He-Man.org, Mattel filed for the trademarks to Optikk, Tytus, and Megator this month. (It should be noted that ToyGuru has said that Mattel now files for all sorts of trademarks to hide which characters they’re actually making. Ah, the perils of the Information Age.)

I’ve long hoped Optikk would be the first NA figure in MOTUC. But since his design was so unique, I’ve been trying to figure out how they’d make him using existing MOTUC parts. Here’s my guess:

  • Head – new sculpt
  • Armor – new sculpt
  • Chest: generic heroic (hidden by armor)
  • Shoulders, biceps and hands: Trap-Jaw/Kronis
  • Forearms: Trap-Jaw, possibly some new tooling
  • Crotch: He-Ro
  • Thighs: Trap-Jaw, possibly some new tooling
  • Calves and boots: He-Ro

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  • I really hope that the NA character we get in '10 is Optikk!!!

    I wonder how they'll do the head. Will bit be a ball joint like the regular heads, or will it be held in by the armor and it move freely 360 degrees?

  • Holla! One of my FAVORITE action figures of any line EVER! I might cave for that one. I actually REALLY want to collect NA He-Man stuff.

    By the way, I would be more concerned about them using existing parts for Tytus and Megator. Just sayin'!

  • Not a fan of NA He-man, Don't know any of the characters. Cool that they would toss the NA fans a bone for sure, as I have no doubt the 4h will kill with their classic interpretation of this design.

    I am way more interested in the Tytus/Megator build a figure possibilities. How hot would the bonus figures sell if they came with a BAF part?

  • I think most of the designs that came from NA were pretty bad. Still, Optik is by far the coolest to come from the line. I think I would be happy with him and Slush Head.

  • Dude I just called this in that Matty customer service thread moments before you posted this article! This is probaby the only MOTUC figure I'd be willing to deal with all of mattels annoying crap for.

    I used to watch NA before school in the morning and while I never paid much attention, optikk always stood out. The only time it seemed like he ever talked was when he was off screen and you heard a random unidentifiable voice and figured well I guess that's optikk. And I'd think to myself how does he talk with no mouth?

  • Never had any NA figures as a kid, so I don't know anything about them. However, your provided photo makes me realize that I really want this figure to get made.

  • Optikk would be a great choice to test the waters for NA characters. I've heard of many NA haters that they actually like this character, and he's a truly recognizable one ("hey, remember that dude with an eye for a head?").

    I ain't sure though if he's really gonna be the first NA figure. I still think that Darius could be a good choice as well, whether as a regular figure or next year's SDCC Exclusive.

  • not a bad parts list Poe. i'd hope they would make a new abdomen for him as well since his abdomen looks like it has circuitry.

    i can DEF see them using Trapjaw/Man-E-Faces parts for Optikk his arms and legs but i can always HOPE for a bit more tooling than you suggested.

    i'd hope for new thigh pieces as well

    i have to say he has a better than average chance of being made. whenever NA is discussed he is 1 of the top 3 always asked for outside of he-man/skeletor.

  • Tuskador and Sagitar were very cool. I liked the NA designs (not as much as MOTU) and really enjoyed the UK comic. I few characters had different names over here.

    Flogg- Brakk

    Slushead- Kalimar

    Flipshot- Icarius

  • Who wouldn't be down for Butt-Head? I mean, come on!

    I liked NA. I'd be curious to see how it'd map onto MOTUC.