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In the early 90s Kenner decided that they needed to cash in on the Terminator franchise the only way they knew how, by making toys based on the sequel Terminator 2: Judgment Day. I skipped the entire line at the time, because I found the figures massively disappointing overall, but it did have it’s high points. Unarguably the strangest item in the Terminator toy line up, and perhaps in any toy line period, is the Bio-Flesh generator:

The idea of a toy that can make skin is something out a nightmare, but here it is. While it’s certainly in the realm of other toys that involve pouring something gross on action figures like the Masters of the Universe Slime, it occupies a peculiar place in toy history.

Did anyone have this thing? Was the skin even half way realistic? And more importantly was it edible?

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  • No – but the Modern day version is currently sitting in my nearest TK Maxx. It's exactly the same premise as t he vintage toy – a T800 endo that gets play-doh molded around it in a clamshell. It will likely sit there until the box rots or TK Maxx go out of business, whichever comes first……

  • I HAD THIS!!! it was really friggin awesome.

    i bought extra "skin" packets and used to skin up my joes and other toys that would fit in there.

    man. i miss this. they REALLY should have rereleased this during the new movie. i;d have bought 2 for sure

  • They did make one for the new movie, as Motorthing mentioned.

    I've yet to see one in person, but I'd buy it in a flash if it was cheap enough.

  • A friend of mine had a Creepy Crawlers machine. I was so envious of him. Unfortunately my mother never got him for me, so I guess I suffered in my childhood. I had the Slime Pit, but I was a bit of a finicky kid, and I never actually used it on my figures. I think I just didn't want to risk ruining them. I might have used it on He-Man or someone easily washed, but someone like Grizzlor or Spikor was not anything you'd want to put in the pit. The slime had a very distinct smell. I can almost smell it now!

  • It was a Mattel 80's product so of course it had a disticntive smell – pure, undiluted cost-cutting. Or pureed pupies, whichever was cheaper.

  • It was kind of fucked up how many toys there were for Terminator,Predator,Alien,and other R rated movies around that time.

  • yet they sold well which sort of goes against the old tired and true toy company speak "R-rated movies can't sell toys cause kids can't see them"

    kids will se any movie that is good. it is GOOD movies that push product not mediocre, watered down versions of good movies that tries to appeal to the largest audience that push crap

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